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Best Espresso Machine With Milk Steamer: All You Need To Know

Are you a coffee person? What is your choice of beverage? Do you prefer lattes or settle for a cup of cappuccino instead? Whatever be your preferences, this espresso machine buying guide will help you make the right choice. Read the guide and bring home the best espresso machine today.

Top 7 Best Espresso Makers with Milk Steamer: Comparison Chart

Product Pump Pressure Water Tank Capacity Programmability Interface Dimensions Weight
EspressoWorks AEW1000 15 bar 1.25 l No Dial
9.75 x 9 x 11.5 inches
9.7 pounds
Saeco Incanto 15 bar 60.9 ounces No Buttons 16.8 x 8.4 x 12.9 inches 21.8 pounds
Jassy 20 bar n/a No Buttons/Dial 12.3 x 10.35 x 14.56 inches 8.45 pounds
brim 50019 19 bar 71 ounces Yes Buttons
10.74 x 11.22 x 13.14 inches
17.4 pounds
De’Longhi EC680M 15 bar 1 l No Buttons
12.99 x 5.9 x 12.99 inches
9.3 pounds
Hamilton Beach 40715 15 bar 40 ounces No Buttons/Dial
13 x 8.2 x 12.31 inches
8 pounds
Calphalon BVCLECMP1 15 bar 2 l No Dial 13.9 x 11.6 x 15.3 inches 14.47 pounds

Why Buy an Espresso Machine With Milk Steamer?

The research conducted by the NCA in 2020 revealed that almost 40% of Americans love to drink sweetened milk-based coffee and almost 62% of Americans drink coffee every day. It is evident from the statistics that an espresso machine with a steamer is a must-have in every kitchen in the US. If you get high on caffeinated beverages and love nothing better than to start your day with a steaming mug of aromatic coffee, then it is time to consider bringing home the best espresso machine with milk steamer. You will need an espresso machine with a steam wand to whip up beverages like lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, or mocha lattes of the Starbucks standard.  The tool makes it easy to procure the perfect foamy milk that is the base of several popular espresso-based drinks, such as lattes. 

Steam Wand vs. Built-in Milk Frother

With a steam wand, the frothing of liquid is done manually. However, using a milk steamer machine with a steam wand requires a little practice as the jug should be kept at a certain angle for the preparation of froth. The liquid is warmed by the steam wand and steam-texturized. 

An espresso machine with milk frother is easy to use. With one click of a button, the frothing process is complete. Some models also pour the liquid into already made espresso. With a built-in frother, the milk with froth is lighter and less watery. The frothed milk vs. steamed milk process is tabulated below.

Built-in milk frother Steam wand
One does not need to be a pro for frothing the milk with the best espresso machine with a milk frother and some machines also allow the direct addition of frothy liquid into ready-made espresso.  The steam wand of the coffee maker with milk steamer has to be used manually for frothing the milk by the process of heating it and texturizing it with the. 
The frothed milk is lighter and less watery. The milk is infused with steam and always hot. 

Features to Consider in Espresso Maker in Milk Steamer

Boiler type

The boiler of the steamed milk machines affects how you make your drink. Perhaps the most important thing that has an impact on the style and size of the boiler is how easily you can enjoy the latte after a pull of the espresso shot. There are three different types of boilers that include the following:

Single Boiler

For everything from brewing to steaming, a single-boiler system has only one boiler. However, it cannot brew and steam simultaneously.  There are entirely different temperatures for brewing and steaming. Single-boiler machines are the slowest to run as one needs to wait for the boiler temperature to change in between the stages of preparation of Americano with milk or other beverages.

Dual Boiler

The dual boiler system of the espresso machine comes with two different boilers. One is for steaming and the other is for brewing-temperature water. This setup helps in steaming and brewing the beverage at the same time. Before you can start frothing the liquid, you do not need to wait for the espresso shot to finish pulling. Dual boiler machines are highly efficient but take a long time for the preparation of beverages.

Heat Exchange Boiler

Even though the heat exchange boiler system has only one boiler, yet, it can still enable the user to brew and steam simultaneously owing to its innovative technology. It consists of a tube that channelizes the brewing-temperature water to the group head and keeps the steaming-temperature water separate. However, for maintaining the required temperature of the water, the group head has to be flushed for pulling the espresso shots. 

Boiler Size

The boiler size has as much influence on the process of making the beverage as much as the boiler type. The steam power is more for the bigger size boilers. Dual boilers have the best steam capacity. They have two boilers, one boiler equipped only for steaming and the other for brewing. However, size plays a different role altogether as a boiler of a bigger size allows more uniform heat exchange than a smaller one. 

Steam Wand Design

A steam wand is more than just a liquid-frothing apparatus. Its design is essential too. A longer vapor wand is useful for frothing milk in deeper containers. Articulating steam wand is useful if you prefer to hold the pitcher at a particular angle for frothing. If you’re afraid of scalding your skin then opt for a thermally insulated steam wand that always remains cool to touch. However, if a basic latte is what you want then you may settle for any steam wand of your choice.

Other Considerations

Espresso Machine Type

There are three types of espresso machines in the market and these include semi-automatic, automatic, and super-automatic machines. 

The semi-automatic espresso machine is traditional and features a switch for the activation of the pump, a portafilter, and a boiler for the extraction process. 

The automatic espresso machine is somewhat similar to the semi-automatic type of espresso machine. The only difference is that it comes with an internal timer apparatus that cuts off the shot within 25-30 seconds for the automatic preparation of lattes.

The super-automatic espresso machine can whip up a beverage in only a few minutes. The machine is not only equipped to grind, tamp, and brew the coffee but is also useful for steaming the liquid for espresso shots. 

Dimensions, Controls & Water Reservoir Capacity

A standard dimension of the boiler ensures a higher steam power. 

Some espresso machines come with a PID Controller that enables the setting of temperature according to choice. 

A standard capacity of 2 liters is convenient as it means that the boiler does not have to refill again and again for the preparation of drinks.

How to Steam Milk With an Espresso Machine?

For steaming milk with an espresso machine the first thing that you need to do is fill the pitcher with cold milk up to a certain level so that the foam does not spill. Dip the tip of the vapor wand below the surface of the liquid and hold it for a few seconds until it changes into foam. Tilt the pitcher and dip the steam wand further to prepare steamed milk with foam.


It is now time to invest in the espresso machine and enjoy frothy and foamy beverages every day. Most of the espresso machines are super affordable and pretty easy to use. Some of the best espresso machines with milk steamer 2023 recommendations as evident from espresso machine with milk steamer reviews include the Incanto Carafe, Mr. Coffee Café Barista, DeLonghi America, and so on. Get your hands on the best espresso machine today.

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