Best Coffee Maker Under 100

The Best Coffee Maker Under 100: Is it Worth Your Dime?

Are you a coffee aficionado? Great, you are not alone; we all are sailing the same boat. And how about adding the best coffee maker under 100 to your kitchen? First of all, you will not break a bank to buy it. Secondly, it is easy to use, fast, and super effective.

Thank your lucky star leading you here. In this coffee maker under 100 2020 guide, we tell you everything you should know about the art of coffee brewing with the right machine. Besides, we will also tell you how to use your cheap coffee as well as brands you should pay attention to. 

How Much is Worth Spending on a Coffee Maker?

Now that you are here, two things are right about you. One, coffee is your favorite beverage. Two, you are out to buy the best affordable coffee maker. Just like you, we are crazy about coffee. And on your second mission, we are telling you about the best rated coffee maker under $100. 

Sure, you can get a coffee maker for as little as $20, but does it meet your expectations? Also, it can go as high as several thousand dollars for a coffee machine. But do you have that budget? Whatever you are in the market for, there is always a middle ground for everyone. From actual users of coffee maker under 100, there are no lots of complaints. So, you are not making the wrong decision if you decide to go this way. 

Is Cheap Coffee Maker Under $50 A Good Buy or Bad?

There is always this saying, “Cheap ends up expensive in the long run.” Well, there is some truth, but it is not always true that cheap things are bad. We believe that you can buy a cheap coffee maker and still make the most out of it. It is all about doing research and settling for a product that meets your needs regardless of its price range. Nevertheless, we feel a coffee maker under $100 is worth trying as long as you get the right brand. 

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Coffee Maker Under 100

It is evident that the best coffee makers under $100 come in droves. Finding the right pick is like searching for the proverbial needle in the hay. But knowing what to look for and the brands to consider can set you up on an easy path and right purchase. So, what are the considerations you should look for in the best coffee machine under 100?

What Makes Great Coffee Makers Under 100

The devil is always in the details.” Likewise, to tell a good coffee machine from a bad one, you must look into the features. Modern coffee devices are packing a ton of features to endear them to customers, but you should be careful not to put your money down a drain. On top of the features, going over coffee maker under 100 reviews can also point you in the right direction. But for now, let’s train our focus on the threshold features for the top 10 coffee makers under $100. 

Type of Carafe

Ordinarily, coffee makers come with a glass pot. For starters, glass is easy to clean. Most of the coffee maker under 100 reviews we came across were heaping praise on glass pots. On the downside, glass is delicate and does not keep your drink hot. You have to warm it every time you want to chase some cold or sleep.

The other option is the thermal carafe. These ones are relatively new in the market and are giving glass carafes a run for their popularity. The good news about a cheap coffee maker with a thermal carafe is that they keep your coffee hot. 

Ease of Control

Well, you should not be left sweating after trying to make some coffee. The best affordable coffee maker should be easy to use. All the controls should be easy to access and set. It should give you options for different brew types as well as have custom settings for your favorite brew.

Number of Cups You Can Brew

How many coffee lovers do you intend to serve with your coffee machine? If you are alone, a single serve coffee maker under $100 will be adequate. For a large family, you are better off with a coffee machine brewing 10-12 cups. 

Extra Features

Some of the must-have features for the best rated coffee maker under $100 are extra thoughtful features. It should have a timer, automatic shut off, pause button, easy start, and stop. The point here is you should not be working too hard to get your mug of coffee.


For how many years will my coffee maker under 100 serve me?

A coffee machine lifespan is not cast on stone. It comes down to the brand you decide to buy and how you take care of it. With the right maintenance, your cheap coffee maker can last long. 

What is the ideal timing to buy a hi-end coffee machine?

Is your coffee maker under 100 dollars falling below your expectations? In that case, it is time you invest in a hi-end coffee machine. Explore several brands and analyze them carefully. Just like buying an affordable coffee maker, your premium machine should tick all boxes. 

Does a cheaper coffee maker affect the tasting quality?

While the best drip coffee maker under 100 is affordable, it can still make heavenly tasting coffee. While the price tag has a bearing on what maker you end up bringing home, your brew’s quality is not much affected by it. 

Final Word

Have you been looking for the best coffee maker under 100 2020? We hope you can now decide the right coffee machine for your needs. Have fun while shopping and mad fun when you enjoy your brew the way you like it. 

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