Finding the Best French Press for Your Perfect Cup of Coffee

Coffee is an inexhaustible source of joy and excitement, isn’t it? Okay, it helps us open our eyes in the morning and provides us with energy throughout the day! But as every true coffee lover will tell you, there is so much more to coffee than that.

The automated coffee makers, such as Keurig and Nespresso are rather popular and beloved around the world, and especially in the US. However, a lot of “coffee traditionalists” in Europe still prefer other types of brewers, primarily Moka pot and the French press. The latter especially seriously impressed us. You see, we didn’t really know much about the French press before, and certainly never tasted coffee made with this process. We’ve only familiarised ourselves with it while visiting Cardiff. Everyone suggested we tried it, so we did. And have to say, while the whole process seemed a bit complex at first, the coffee we got in the end tasted so good! Partly was it due to the fact that the barista was using a top-rated French press, and shared with us that in order to make the premium coffee, having the best French press is very important. Now we would be happy to share with you all the knowledge we have, in the form of today’s French press reviews!

Top 10 Best French Presses: Comparison Table

Brand Carage Material Capacity Weight
Cafe Du Chateau Glass 34 oz 2.1 pounds
Secura Stainless steel 34 oz 2.4 pounds
Mueller Stainless steel 34 oz 2.2 pounds
Veken Glass 34 oz 2.13 pounds
Bodum Glass 34 oz 1 pound
KONA Glass 34 oz n/a
Barista Warrior Stainless steel 34 oz 2.3 pounds
Coffee Gator Stainless steel 34 oz 2.2 pounds
Frieling Stainless steel 17 oz 1.1 pounds
BAYKA Stainless steel 21 oz 1.54 pounds

What Is a French Press?

French press is a coffee maker that you also may know as cafet

ière, caffettiera a stantuffo, coffee press, etc.  This device comes with a carafe made of different materials, a filter that allows to percolate coffee and a plunger. 

Now, since it is called the French press, people generally assume that it is a French invention.  However, the origins of this brewer aren’t perfectly clear. Both Italians and French claim that it is them who created this machine. Although it might have originated earlier than that, the first patents of the French press were found in 1928. And these were registered by two Italians Attilio Calimani and Giulio Moneta.

Why Use a French Press?

portable french press coffee maker
Source: WebstaurantStore

You will hear from plenty of people out there that this brewer makes the best coffee!  The main reason is that there is no paper filter in any of the top-rated French press models. That means that they don’t soak up the flavor. 

Also, these devices allow for steeping, which significantly improves the flavor of the beverage.  Apart from that, this fantastic camping coffee pot lets you enjoy the full coffee experience. Coffee made in one of the coolest French press models is rich in caffeine. And, as most of us know, caffeine is known for its health benefits, such as:

Thus, it’s safe to say that the French press coffee is very good for your health, as long as you don’t go too heavy on it, or have some pre-existing conditions. 

So overall, coffee made in the best French Press has: 

  • High caffeine content
  • Fantastic taste
  • Total saturation of grounds
  • Right temperature
  • No impurities

What to Look For When Choosing a French Press?

Of course, it is one thing to talk about the quality of the device and the coffee it makes in general and another to figure out which one is suitable for your needs. There are plenty of models out there, which can be confusing. But don’t worry! We are here to explain the most important features and help you figure out what is the best French press!

Carafe Material

A carafe of a French press is usually made of borosilicate glass. However, you can also find the best stainless steel French press, as well as the plastic models.  But it’s essential to remember that the plastic options are not very high quality. However, they are more cheap French press models and are suitable for camping. 

Glass models are, of course, elegant. People like them because they can observe the brewing process. But on the other hand, glass won’t keep the coffee hot for a long time. So usually, when you want to get only the best French press, go for the stainless steel option. These models have a modern, elegant appearance. Plus, they keep coffee warm for hours and are very sturdy.

  • The glass used for this carafe is borosilicate glass which means that it is heat resistant. However, if you accidentally drop it there is a high chance it will break.
  • Stainless steel is the best option on many levels. It is a double-wall French press which means it will keep the coffee hot for a long time. It also can’t break.
  • The plastic used for this carafe is heat resistant and toxin-free.  And if you are looking for a cheap French press coffee maker go for a plastic one. Some models are relatively durable, but not nearly as stainless steel and even glass models.


One thing we’ve learned while creating these French press reviews, is that the capacity of even the best French press mostly depends on the model. Some devices are made only for one cup while with others you can make coffee for twelve persons. Thus, if you, let’s say, have a big family, go for a French press with bigger capacity and vice versa.


Many people like the French press because it allows them to enjoy their favorite cup of joe while camping. Indeed, portability is a great benefit of this coffee maker. However, you have to make sure to choose the right models. For example the plastic French press models are usually lightweight and easy to take wherever you go.

Notable French Press Manufacturers


We believe it is safe to say that Bodum is for the French press, the same as Bialetti for Moka pot. It is the most famous and the oldest brand that produces French presses.  They are known for making the best budget French press models of premium quality. So whether you are looking for plastic, glass, or stainless steel coffee maker, Bodum is guaranteed to have something for you.  Other than that, Bodum brand also makes electric French press.

Best Product: Bodum 1928-16US4 Chambord French Press Coffee Maker


Frieling is an American best French press manufacturer. While they mostly specialize in making stainless steel French presses, you can find models made of other materials.

Best Product: Frieling USA Double-Walled Stainless-Steel French Press Coffee Maker

Le Creuset

La Creuset is a French brand with a hundred year’s old tradition. They are known to produce all sorts of cast iron cookware, including French presses.  Although La Creuset is a very famous brand, they don’t produce a lot of devices, and mostly focus on the quality of their products. Most options in their selection are insulated French press models.

Best Product: Le Creuset Stoneware French Press


Oxo is an American company that has been making various cookware for more than 30 years. They also produce various models of French presses, including stovetop French press. Other than that, Oxo is determined to provide clients with the highest quality cookware, created by using innovative technologies.

Best Product:  OXO BREW Venture Travel French Press

What Accessories to Use with French Press

Another thing we’ve determined while making our French press reviews, is that there are plenty of accessories you can use, to get the best out of your coffee experience. The most common ones are:

  • A gooseneck kettle: It can be helpful when using a French press because it facilitates the pouring. It also prevents coffee grounds from entering your cup, which means that the coffee will taste better. One of the best product we’ve tried – Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle.
  • Coffee grinder: A French press requires that the grounds are a bit more coarse. Finding them can be challenging as most pre-packaged coffee comes as finely ground. Thus, a coffee grinder allows you to grind the beans exactly how you need them. Some of great models are JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder and Sboly Conical Burr Coffee Grinder.


What Grind Size Should I Use for French Press Coffee?

So as we mentioned, the French press works best with coarsely ground beans, due to their different composition. And the pre-ground coffee is too small for even the best French press. So ideally, the grounds should be the size of sea salt.

Is French Press Coffee More Caffeinated?

It depends on the comparison you are making. Espresso generally comes with more caffeine per unit volume than other types of coffee. However, the French press contains 107.5 mg caffeine per 8 ounces cup. So yes, usually the French press coffee has a higher caffeine content than an espresso shot. On the other hand, that’s what makes it a better option, since a higher caffeine content has been proven to be very beneficial for your health.

Can a French Press be Used to Make Other Drinks?

In short, yes. Although it’s mainly used for coffee, you can make various other drinks using this coffee maker. Some of the things you can make are chai latte, matcha latte, hot chocolate, etc. And you can also make cocktails.

How Often Should You Clean a French Press?

Ideally, you should clean it after each use. That is because coffee contains oils that can become foul if left in the machine. Moreover, rotten oils will affect the taste of the coffee.


And that’s it! As you can see, French press is a wonderful device that allows you to not only enjoy some steaming and delicious cup of joe, but also to reap it’s full benefits. After all, there’s a reason why it’s considered the healthiest way to brew coffee. And that’s all that’s all thanks to the technique!

With that said, we sincerely hope that our little text helped you learn more about how to choose the best French press 2023, so that you would be prepared if you ever want to own this great machine!

So, have you ever used one of these? What is your personal best French press, and which would you think is a better model? Feel free to share with us in the comments!

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