Every Coffee Drinker Needs a Good Machine to Make the Best Cup of Joe!

Every Coffee Drinker Needs a Good Machine to Make the Best Cup of Joe!

Ah, coffee! A wonderful, magical potion that keeps us going all day long! Do you remember special agent Dale Cooper and his excitement over every single cup of coffee? Well… we relate. We love coffee and enjoy every sip of our morning dose. And it’s understandable, isn’t it? – Coffee is wonderful and allows us to awaken even in the coldest, most grim, and tiresome morning. Many people appreciate this drink, especially the USA, which is considered the main coffee lover in the world, according to research.

And if you love coffee as much as we do, then high chances are that you have a coffee maker. But the question is, how well it makes coffee for you? Could you say that the java you make at home tastes as good as the one in a café? If no, then chances are there is something off with your coffee machine.

Until a year or so ago, our ritual was to go to a nearby café each morning before work. The atmosphere was splendid, coffee truly amazing, and we could breathe in some air before stepping into a crazy office rhythm.  But, the pandemic and all the consequences made us give up on it. So we ordered a coffee machine, thinking, “How hard can it be? You put the coffee, pour the water, turn it on, and that is it”! Simple, is it? Well, as it turns out, it’s not. Don’t get us started on how many types of coffee we tried, how many filters, and so on! Nothing worked! Our coffee didn’t taste nearly as good as the one from the café.

Finally, we started thinking that maybe we have been looking for the solution in the wrong place. When buying a machine, we didn’t think it through. We bought the first one we liked, thinking they are all the same.  But what a misconception that was, as we learned shortly after. Nowadays, there are so many models out there. Of course, drip coffee maker is the most common here in the States. But there are also automated machines, French press, percolators, etc. Apart from that, many of these machines do much more than just brew a cup of joe. Some come with grinders or milk frothers, and some can even make iced coffee.  Realizing this made us think that there are also many other people out there with the same problem. So, we decided to research, talk with experts and create these coffee maker reviews to help our friends and readers find the coffee appliance of their dreams.

What is the Best Coffee Maker

Before we talk about features a good device has to have, we will briefly mention some additional benefits for those of you who are still not sure about the necessity of having a coffee maker. Besides the fact that it saves quite a bit of money, making your coffee opens a new world. It is a world, which allows you to experiment with different coffee beans and brands as much as you like, which can ultimately lead to you making your specific blend. Apart from that, many people enjoy the intense smell of coffee because it makes them less stressed and more active in the morning.

Now, let’s talk about things that define the best coffee maker. It is necessary to say right from the start that there isn’t a straightforward answer here. There are plenty of different models of various coffee makers, each with some specific features.  So if the question is, what is the best coffee machine, the answer will be that it depends on who is using it and how often. For example, drip machines can be an excellent option if you want to brew coffee for a big company. On another hand, single-serve coffee maker models are for those that want to have a quick cup of coffee. And if you are a real gourmet coffee enthusiast, then you’ll love a slow brewing option. 

But let’s discuss this aspect in more detail, and take a look at some top-rated coffee makers that will make every coffee enthusiasts happy!

Types of Best Coffee Maker

Best Espresso Machine: Ideal Pick for Home-Barista

The espresso maker is the type of machine you see in the café. The difference is that those made for home use are smaller. These machines make a stronger and more aromatic cup of coffee than any other appliance. Besides standard espresso, you can also make latte, mocha, or macchiato with this coffee maker. In general, every espresso machine comes with automatic settings, pressure pump, water boiler, and coffee pod compatibility. It’s a marvelous machine but it comes with a hefty tag.

Smart Coffee Maker:  All It Takes is a Click

If you are looking to completely “smartify” your home, then you’ll enjoy having a smart coffee maker. Well, it’s kind of logical, isn’t it? Who doesn’t want to enjoy the possibility of having the coffee ready before even getting out of bed?  The main features of these appliances are Wi-Fi connectivity and a phone app that allows you to control the machine remotely.  The features also enable you to customize your coffee however you want. Plus, smart coffee machines usually inform you if they need maintenance. Finally, some models can even use GPS services to locate you and brew coffee to be ready when you come home.

Best Pour Over Coffee Maker: Best Specialty Coffee

The main and most essential thing about the best pour-over coffee maker is the filter. It is practically the heart of the coffee maker, since you can’t make a proper coffee without it. Basically, you can choose between two types of filters – paper and mesh. Besides the filters, you also need a good carafe and a brewing device, i.e. a dripper. The great thing about this gadget is that it can be one cup coffee maker, but you can use it to make coffee for a bunch of people at the same time.

Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker: Iced Coffee Lover Will Enjoy It

If you prefer iced over traditional coffee, then you’ll love the best cold brew coffee maker. Generally, it is a pretty straightforward machine that comes with a carafe, filter, and frame. Some do come with extra accessories that include removable filters, carafe with a lid, which you can use on the go and pour spout.  It is a versatile device that allows you to decide for how long you are going to brew the coffee. Many models offer you the possibility to use hot water as well.

Best Drip Coffee Maker: Easy Morning Brew

These coffee makers are most common in the U.S. Generally they offer the possibility to make 4 – 14 cups per single brew, depending on the model. The best models come with a thermal carafe instead of a hot plate, which is much better. The carafe keeps the beverage at perfect temperature but doesn’t burn it. Most of the new models also have an auto programming option, meaning you can set the time when you want the coffee to be made. The best models come as drip coffee maker with a grinder.

Best Keurig: Best One Cup Coffee

Automated machines, such as Keurig coffee makers, have become very popular in recent years. If you are the only coffee drinker in your home, there isn’t anything better than the best K-cup coffee maker. The main reason why these machines became so popular lately lies in their simplicity: you just need to fill the tank, put the cup, and press start. Your coffee is ready in one minute! 

Best French Press: Best Coffee Maker for Campers

A French press is a simple coffee maker that consists of two parts: a beaker made of stainless steel or glass and a plunger/filter mechanism.  It doesn’t require electricity, and it is a relatively small coffee maker. Thus it is considered one of the best options to take when you go on a camping trip. Best French presses come with a plunger that has a tight seal to prevent the grounds to enter the coffee. People who use this machine like it because it can be used as a simple single-serve coffee maker. However, you can use it to make coffee for more people as well. What’s more, coffee made in this coffee machine has a rich aroma.

Best Moka Pot: For a Trip to Rome

Moka pot is a small stovetop brewer, and it’s more common in Europe than in the States. It is designed to make espresso. Moka Pot comes in various sizes from one cup to 6-7 cups coffee makers. Basically, it consists of three parts: lower tank where you put water, funnel where ground coffee goes, and upper put where the coffee ends up. When you finish assembling the machine, you simply put it on the stove.


That’s all we prepared about the best coffee maker 2023, for you folks! As you could see, there are plenty of fantastic models out there for everyone’s taste and budget. If you want to have your coffee quickly and without a lot of fuss,  smart and automated machines are definitely something to consider. If you are a more traditional coffee lover, who takes time to prepare a perfect cup of joe, then something like a Moka pot might be precisely what you are looking for. Ultimately, keep in mind is that whichever model you choose, it is crucial that it can satisfy all of your requests!