Best Espresso Machines Under $ 100

Best Espresso Machine Under $100: How to Choose?

A bad day with coffee is better than a good day without it

There are many different methods to enjoy an excellent espresso at home. Have long since converted to the espresso machine, to enjoy the drink as if it came directly from a cafè counter. In fact, it is not always possible to visit the local cafè to get an espresso, and buying a machine will prove to be much cheaper in the long run. 

If you are unsure of what to look for or are wondering how to get these machines to work, we are here to help. The best espresso machine under $100 is waiting for you!

If you are looking for the best home espresso machine under $ 100 in 2020, you’ve come to the right place: following, you’ll find the best models available, the brands to look for, the characteristics that you don’t want to miss in your cheap espresso machine and much more!

Keep reading to find out all the relevant information and make an educated choice for your purchase!

Best Espresso Machines Under 100 Dollars: Buyer’s Guide

Do you want to buy a coffee machine but don’t know which one to choose? Knowing your budget will help you find the best one within your price range. The first thing to consider is how it works: pods, capsules, ground coffee (powder). However, among the most appreciated features, there are:

  • compact dimensions
  • automatic cleaning system
  • rapid heating system
  • intensity regulator
  • frothing
  • automatic shutdown

Automatic vs. Semi-automatic: Which is Better?

Automatic espresso machines are the most expensive models on the market. Their price can vary quite considerably, but it is probably higher than $100. The most essential models will cost around $250-300. They have fewer customizable settings, and perhaps require a little more demanding cleaning operations for the user. The more customizable and automated high-end models can instead cost up to $1000.

Even though semi-automatic machines are a little more time-demanding, they allow more choice in the amount of espresso that we want to produce. Furthermore, many good models of semi-automatic inexpensive espresso machines cost less than $100. Our recommendation, therefore, is that the best espresso machine under 100 is probably a semi-automatic one!

Aspects to Consider Before Buying Your Espresso Machine Under $100

Getting your espressos in a cafè every day can be quite expensive. Therefore, by investing in a high-quality and affordable espresso machine, you will be able to taste your delicious nectar whenever you want it, for many years. But what should we look for in an espresso machine under $100?

The top espresso machine under $ 100 for home use must have almost the same functions as those a barista would use in a cafè. This takes

  • the form of a series of automatisms that put you in a position to enjoy the best espresso
  • regardless of the type of machine
  • brand
  • and model

There are numerous proposals on the market and following you’ll find all the factors on which you should base your choice.

Size, Portability and Build Quality

The structure of an espresso machine must necessarily be taken into account to ensure that it is suitable for the place that will host it and for a matter of convenience and practicality of use and maintenance.

It is certainly necessary to take into account its height, width, and depth to verify that these values ​​are in line with the space available in the kitchen, office or any other place you want to position it.

The water tank’s capacity is also important, since the larger the capacity of this, the less frequently you will have to fill it.

Single or Double Shots

Some may think that an espresso machine under $100 should be spacious enough for double shots. If you are the only one at home that drinks espresso, a single shot machine will probably do. If instead you and your family all enjoy espressos, you might want to get a double shots machine, or you’ll spend a considerable amount of time preparing espressos for everyone!

Pressure and Espresso Quality

The operating principle of espresso machines, both for domestic use and professional one, is pressure. This means that inside these appliances, a pump pushes the water from the tank into the boiler, where it is heated up to a temperature of 90 °C, and is subsequently transferred to the filter. The pressurized water extracts the aroma and substances from the coffee, which give it its characteristic intense and full-bodied taste. 

The quality of the espresso produced therefore largely depends on the pressure with which the water is pushed into the filter. Professionals of the sector argue that in order to obtain an optimal result, i.e. a fine espresso with a good taste, the pressure must be at least higher than 9 bars.

Frothing and Cappuccinos

Some machines also allow you to prepare creamy cappuccinos. They are equipped with a sort of spout, usually positioned next to the filter holder, which, based on the appliance’s sophistication, can be made of plastic or stainless steel. This component supplies the steam necessary to produce the creamy milk foam typical of cappuccinos.

Extra Functions

As for the espresso machine’s operation, there is a series of functions to look for. The most common are:

  • Auto-off: it allows the machine to automatically stop after a certain period of non-use to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.
  • Fast heating: makes the appliance ready for use in a very short time.
  • Memory: the machine is able to remember the settings selected to reproduce the type of drink you want, without having to re-select them every time.
  • Automatic stop of dispensing: the machine automatically stops dispensing water for the drink being prepared, so that it is not necessary to manually stop it.

Maintenance and Cleaning

It is also very important to consider how much time and effort you will have to devote to cleaning and maintaining the espresso machine. In order to ensure a product that proves practical and comfortable to use, especially since this small appliance is very often used on a daily basis.

The best espresso makers are equipped with a removable water tank. Furthermore, espresso machines that work with ground coffee are among those that dirty the most. 

If your priority is practicality, you should focus on the best automatic espresso machines, which require very little maintenance.

Final Words

Coffee is an indispensable habit for most people, and drinking espresso is becoming a routine outside of Italy just as much as in its native Country. It, therefore, becomes absolutely essential to have an efficient and inexpensive espresso machine at home. It is to treat yourself, at any time you want, to a relaxing break without necessarily having to go to the local cafè. 

A semi-automatic cheap espresso machine of fair quality allows you to prepare coffee as good as the one you’d drink at your favorite spot in the city. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy your espresso while saving money from your own home’s comfort. Now you know what to look for in the best espresso machine under $ 100 in 2020!

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