Our Experts

To give our readers comprehensive information and guides related to coffee niche, we decided to ask for help the experts, who are know the things about coffee. Today, we are working with the next experts (also, we are highly recommend to visit their shops, if you’re going to visit California or Texas). So, let’s meet our experts:

Scott Deckers, from LongHorn Coffee Co., a small batch roast company located in San Angelo Texas. We’ll bet – you’ll get hooked on Longhorn Coffee, especially on SnakeBite which has 2x the Caffeine!

John (Jack) Quint, Owner and CEO of Quintessa Coffee Roasters from Oceano, California. He has had the opportunity to experience many interpretations of specialty coffee and hone his technical skill set.  As a specialty coffee roaster, he has the privilege of consulting a wide range of consumers on everything from sourcing and buying green coffee, to grinding and storing roasted coffee properly, to dialing in the perfect espresso shot.