Difference Between Frothed and Steamed Milk

Making the right cup of coffee ensures that you have a great day. Most of us love to have our coffee with milk. But the type we prefer may vary.

You can either foam your milk or steam it – both will enrich your coffee but in different ways. You can also opt for the former on one day and the latter another. The choice is open to you as long as you know what is better for your taste for frothed milk vs steamed milk. Wait, you must be wondering that only Starbucks can yield such results with fancy drinks and their professional machines. Wait till you get to the end of this article! We aim to enlighten you not only about the difference between frothed vs steamed dairy but also guide you in the preparation of both. 

Why Is It Good to Put Milk in Your Coffee?

There are several reasons why putting milk in your coffee is considered sophisticated and of course, enhances the taste. 

  1. It is the storehouse of several compounds such as protein, sugar, and fats. And when the milk is heated all these come in unison to enhance the taste of your coffee. Here is the protein that makes your latte taste so heavenly. It weaves air in fluid keeping it light.
  2. When you heat dairy it results in the melting of fat in it which yields a velvety texture of your coffee.  
  3. Lastly, heating the milk breaks down the sugar and caramelizes it. This makes your coffee naturally sweet and rich. 

However, some complain that adding milk to coffee compromises the true flavor of the morning drink, which cannot be denied if you are looking for the raw taste of it but otherwise, milk does not compromise the taste of your coffee. 

Frothed Milk

Often people ask is frothing milk the same as steaming milk since they both deal with heating it. Well, no, they aren’t the same at all. When you create a layer of foam on the top of your warm milk, it is called frothed or foamed milk. This can be done by beating air into the liquid with a steam wand. 

Preparing Foamed Milk

It is the same as steaming it but you have to incorporate more wind for the foam to generate. That is the basic difference between frothed milk vs steamed milk. Fluid can be made aerated either by using a steam wand, electric frother, or manual frother. 

Tips For Preparing Foamed Milk

Foaming milk can be a little difficult for beginners but don’t worry because we have brought to you some useful tips that can help you be a pro at the game. 

  1. Skimmed or non-fat milk is easier to froth but does not give you the best texture. Try full-fat one for best results but remember perfecting it will be more challenging. You can begin practicing with low-fat to get the best results later. 
  2. Try using cold fluid for foaming.
  3. Keep the temperature between 60 to 68 degrees Celsius as this is the ideal for frothing.
  4. In a battle between milk frother vs steamer, go for the former equipment to get the desired results. 

What is Steamed Milk

To begin with, steamed milk is the base of frothed one. However, this does not mean you can present steamed milk as frothed milk. Steamed dairy has a delicate foam and is evidently less aerated. Latte, hot chocolate and mochas use this kind of fluid as it gives a velvety texture.

Preparing Steamed Milk

In steamed milk vs foamed milk debate, the victory of the first is absolute, when it comes to the ease of preparation. You can steam your milk in many ways and use absolutely anything ranging from an automatic frother, steam wand, or simply a stove.  The best coffee maker comes with a high-quality steam wand that produces steamed fluid of the most superior quality. 

Tips For Steaming Milk

  1. Using an espresso thermometer will ensure you get the right product every single time.
  2. Its temperature should be between 65 to 70 degrees.
  3. Turn off your stove once it has reached 60 degrees celsius as the liquid will continue to heat.
  4. Tilting your pitcher will help you get a smooth texture as it makes the milk roll.

Drinks That Use Steamed and Foamed Milk

Several varieties of coffee use foamed or steamed dairy to prepare lip-smacking items like mocha, flat white, cappuccino, and latte. The amount of milk that is used vary from drink to drink but nonetheless all of them taste amazing due to the inclusion of it. 

Closing Statement

Honestly, there is no loser in the frothed milk vs steamed milk debate. Both enhance the taste of your drink entailing their own properties. The basic difference is thus the volume- frothed milk has more of it than steamed one. Frothed milk is used for foam-filled beverages while steamed – is more widely incorporated in coffee preparations as the aeration in a steamed fluid is delicate and serves only to make it a little heavier.  

What secrets do you have in making delicious coffee with milk? Share your recipes and experiments in the comments below.

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