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An In-Depth Review of the Keurig K560

The Keurig K560 comes into play to offer you the best solution to all your coffee making problems. Keurig, being the first beverage company to bring hot and cold beverages together at scale, is a very popular brand with a 29.9% market share among single-cup coffee vendors. It’s also a brand that offers great designs and manufactures single-cup brewing systems for use in homes, hospitals, and commercial offices. The K560 brewer is their latest and upgraded model in the market. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the Keurig 2.0 K650, so that it can help you make your choice.

Keurig K560: What’s Special?

The Keurig K560 is an updated and superior version of the company’s previous product K550, of the same line. While both models share similar designs and common features, the company most certainly has upgraded and improved their latest model that K560 is. Between the two, K560, of course, is a better choice than K550. 

Model Line Brief Comparison

As per the Keurig coffee maker reviews, both of Keurig K550 and K560 boast similar features like an 80-ounce water reservoir, a quick and single brew system, K-Carafe, and K-Cup pod scanner. Both the models are capable of brewing different kinds of beverages with the touch of just a single button. Although what sets the K560 apart from K550 is its larger and a bit heavier build, to accommodate some new features like auto on/off and programmable auto-brews. K550 lacked this feature. Moreover, K550 only has a limited number of accessories like 6 K-Cup pods and 4 K-Carafe pods; whereas – the K560 comes with significantly more accessories.

K560: Pros and Cons

According to Keurig K560 reviews, the upgraded and latest Keurig 2.0, K560 has some impressive features to flaunt:

  • K560 is an extremely well-built and durable coffee machine – which comes with a large 80-ounce water reservoir. 
  • Has a hot water setting.
  • Uses standard K-Cups, although it can use large carafe packs. 
  • Even loaded with multiple options in the menu, K560 comes with a simple, clean, and user-friendly menu. The auto on/off and energy-saving options are simply win-win for this model. 
  • Has a nightlight and light color modes 
  • Cup chamber is fuss-free, easy to maintain.

However, the k560 Keurig reviews also warn that despite having such high-end features, the K560 at times can disappoint you with the occasional malfunctioning and clogging problems. Time may not always be accurate. 

If these few strands can be considered – the K560 brewer is a top pick among coffee lovers.

Keurig K560 Overview

Hailing from the product line of Keurig 2.0 plus, Keurig K560 has the features mentioned below:

Dimensions and Design

With a length of 23 inches, a width of 16 inches, and a height of about 13 inches, the Keurig K560 is a petite coffeemaker that’ll fit aptly on your kitchen counter. It doesn’t weigh much either. With only about 17.6 pounds, K560 is quite hands-on.

With a compact and sleek design, the K560 comes in black color with optic silver accents. The display is located at the top right at the front of the machine – making it easily accessible and user-friendly. 

Water Reservoir

The Keurig K560 has an 80 oz water reservoir, and as an added feature – it has Keurig’s latest carafe brewing option with the carafe pods that lets the user brew as many as 4 cups at one time.

Pod Scanner

One of the exciting features that come with the K560 is its pod scanner. It automatically scans the barcode when you place the pod in the machine and verifies whether Keurig approves the pod. If it’s verified, the machine will right away begin to calibrate itself to brew optimally according to the particular pod; if it’s not – the machine will reject the pod to save itself from any damage. 

The main difference between Keurig 1.0 vs 2.0 is its K-Cups. In case of an upgrade, because of this feature of the pod scanner – you won’t be able to transfer your old unused pods.

Display and Programmability

Equipped with a few options for daily brewing needs, a superior and sharper design, the K560 has a very accommodating display and other features. The K560 brewer comes with an LED display, customizable nightlights housed in the reservoir that allows you to change the ebb and flow of the glow as per the day’s timing. Besides – it has the option to choose the strength of the brew, hot water on demand, a programmable clock, and an auto on/off feature to ensure maximum safety in case you forget to switch off the machine.

The programmability of the K560 excels at its ability to provide you with different styles of hot beverages like hot tea and cocoa. It even has customizable ‘favourites’ settings, which lets you set and save your desired setting – so that next time onwards, you can get that particular brew in just a click.

WARNING: Do NOT put milk in a Keurig k560 machine!  It will spoil the inner machinery. For that, you will require Keurig Rivo, which comes with a separate milk pitcher.


The Keurig K560 comes with 48 K-Cups, 4 K-Carafe pods, and a water filter kit. It also provides you with very essential brewer needle maintenance.

Other Models to Look for

  • K-Duo: A multifunction coffee maker that brews a single cup using Keurig K-Cup pods (not K-Carafe pods, K-Mug pods) and a carafe of coffee using ground coffee.
  • K-Elite: It features the Strong Brew option for a bolder cup of coffee and also an Iced button to brew hot over ice for a full-flavored iced coffee.
  • K500: Brews a 4-cup carafe with the same ease and convenience of a single cup, with just a touch of a button.
  • K525: With a strength control setting for a bolder brew, five temperature settings, and multiple K-Cup, K-Mug, K-Carafe pod brew sizes – it brews a rich, smooth and delicious cuppa.
  • K545: Includes strength control settings and K-Cup 2.0 reusable coffee filter.
  • K550: Designed to read the lid of each K-Cup/K-Carafe, boasts of convenient one-touch operation to perfectly brew a single-serve cup or a 4-cup carafe, includes a water filter starter kit.
  • K575: Comes with a wide range of features and multiple customization options, including 8 beverage size options.

The Keurig K560: A Sum-up

Based on the Keurig K560 reviews 2023, the models are an excellent and efficient quick single-serve coffeemaker to go for. It includes features like carafe brewing, extra-large water reservoir, pod scanner, and a compact and sleek build as well. Keep in mind the information we collected, and go for the one that suits you best!

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