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Best Coffee Beans for French Press: Everything You Need to Know

Love for caffeine is something that has existed for decades now. There are multiple ways how you brew the perfect cup of goodness for yourself. But have you ever tried questioning yourself about which method you love the most? If the answer to this question is a French press, then welcome to the guide of best coffee beans for French press. Stay hooked until the end to know the tricks of brewing caffeine perfectly!

Flavored coffee is gaining more popularity every year, and one of the most popular options to make coffee is with the help of the French press. Using this device is the best option when you want to brew a rich flavored espresso. 

And like we said, this is a very popular device that a lot of people like. After all, according to the coffee beans for French press reviews, the use of the method in the US rose from 2% to 4% in 2019. This percentage increase is because people have started realizing the benefits of the method. So do you also want to learn more about it? Then let’s go!

Top 7 Best Coffee Beans for French Press: Comparison Table

BrandRoastOriginsSingle Origin/BlendTasting NotesVolume
Stumptown Coffee RoastersMediumLatin America, East AfricaBlendCreamy & Caramel12 oz.
Kicking Horse CoffeeMediumAfrica, Central & South AmericaBlendTart red currant, notes of sugar cane and milk chocolate, with a honeyed berry body2.2 pounds
Real Good CoffeeDarkCentral and South AmericaBlendRich undertones of raspberry and dark chocolate, and an exotic hint of the Mediterranean spice anise2 pounds
Koffee KultDarkColumbia, Guatemala, SumatraBlendCocoa and cinnamon32 oz.
San Francisco BayDarkCentral and South AmericaBlendChocolate and toasted cinnamon2 pounds
Java PlanetDarkColombiaSinlge OriginFruit tones1 pound
Cafe Don PabloMedium-darkColombia, Guatemala, BrazilBlendCocoa tone2 pounds

Why Prefer Beans over Pre-grounded Coffee for French Press?

There are multiple reasons why you should prefer coffee beans for French press over pre-grounded coffee. There are 2 main advantages:

  • Coffee beans for French press are fresher and hence, help to achieve the perfect flavor of the caffeine.
  • Once ground, the coarse nature helps in an easy passage through the filter. The pre-grounded version works best for the drip machine.

These are the primary causes of why Ethiopian coffee beans are used widely by the French press. So if you also want to get an almost heavenly caffeine flavor, then consider choosing them as well.

Also, remember that you should always purchase beans and grind them in coarse texture while brewing.

How to Choose the Best Beans for French Press?

To choose only the best coffee beans for the French press, you need to keep in mind and pay attention to several aspects:

Roast Type

There are four major best coffee beans for French press roast types that you get to see on the market. Have a look below to find out more:

  • Light roast: These beans contain zero oil and are much lighter in gradient. Their acidity level is quite high, hence, the flavors are comparatively lighter. Due to the light taste, it is not the perfect roast for the French press.
  • Medium roast: Here, the beans are a bit darker and also slightly oilier. The acidity is mild, which helps in getting a good flavor. They taste sweet and are known as the best roast for this method of brewing.
  • Medium-dark roast: These are again darker and oilier than the previous one. They have low acid content and boost the espresso with rich flavors. These, too, are preferred a lot while preparing coffee for the French press.
  • Dark roast: These are the darkest and the oiliest beans with the lowest acid content. The flavors are extremely bold and not preferred for this brewing method.

Grind Type

You should always prefer either coarse or regular grind type while grinding the best beans for French press. The coarse texture will help you avoid the slipping of coffee through the filter. The slip often makes the drink slurry and messy. That is why we would recommend you to avoid finely ground beans because it does not work properly for this method.


French press coffee beans are grown widely in 4 regions of the world:

  • Africa
  • The Middle East
  • Southeast Asia
  • Central and South America

And the beans from every region have their unique taste. That is because of the cultural differences, climate e.t.c.

So for example Colombian coffee has a mild taste, whereas the ones in Asia and Africa are full of rich flavors. And еhe rich-flavored beans are better for the French press.


When it comes to flavors, there are two major varieties called Robusta and Arabica. The Robusta is stronger and gives a bold taste to the drink. On the other hand, Arabica is light and fruity, not to mention it’s also the most popular type. Some of the other types include floral, buttery, nutty, caramel, woody, smoke, and so on.

Single Origin or Blend

Single-origin comprises of only one variety of best whole bean coffee for French press and is costlier than the blended form. The blend variety is a combination of two or more types of beans. If you want to taste any one flavor exclusively, then go for the former one, or else you can buy the later one as well.


  • Doypack: The bottom of the package is oval and the top is flat. It also comes with a zipper.
  • Quad seal bag: All sides of this packet are sealed and it has a perfect shape.
  • Flat-bottom bag: It has a fold-over top portion and flat bottom alike to doypack. However, unlike the latter flat-bottom bag can stand upright.
  • Canister: These are made of either plastic or steel. They are sealed in vacuum-tight air, which often decreases the flavor intensity.


You should always choose top-rated certified brands. According to the coffee beans for French press reviews, the important certificates that deserve your attention are the USDA Organic certificate, non-GMO certificate, and Fair Trade certificate.

Best Coffee Brands for French Press

When you wish to fully enjoy your cup of java, you need to find some of the best coffee beans for French press 2021. And we would like to help you with that. We’ve researched some brands, who’s products will help you to make your mornings even better!

  • Caribou Coffee: This brand produces one of the best coffee to use for the French press. Their roasting procedure is claimed to be unique from the rest, and according to a lot of reviews and user-feedback, this is a really good brand, worth your attention.
  • Stone Street: They produce dark-roasted Arabica beans that grow in Colombia. They have a bold flavor perfect for the French press.
  • Don Pablo Coffee Growers & Roasters: This brand manufactures Arabica medium-roast beans. Their products are GMO-free and 100% Arabica.
  • Koffee Kult Coffee Beans Dark Roasted: These Arabica special dark-roasted beans are derived from Sumatra, Colombia, and Guatemala. The products are extremely fresh and according to a lot of consumer feedback, you will not regret choosing this brand.

Tips for Making a Perfect French Press Coffee

Of course, there are several important tips to keep in mind. These will allow you to enjoy your French coffee press even more:

  • If you wonder how much coffee for French press you need, then we’ve got you covered: to brew a 17 once cup, then take precisely 1.1 oz. coarse coffee (around 21/2 tablespoons).
  • The temperature of the water is another vital factor that you must keep in mind. The temperature must be exactly 212 Fahrenheit.

Verdict and Recommendations 2021

We hope this review has helped you know enough about the best coffee beans for French press 2021. Make sure that you pick a premium quality brand that matches your preference and finances. Now that you know all about it, would you also love to have a cup of French press espresso? Do tell us!

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