Italian Coffee Brands

Italian Coffee Brands of 2020

Why are Italian coffee brands so famous? There are various brands, and their taste and flavors vary. If you are an avid coffee lover, you might want to try them. This article explores various Italian brands and a brief overview of each of them.

It’s hard to talk about drinks in Italy without mentioning their famous culture, like the espresso cult. Even though you may cherish your memories of your last Italian drinks during a particular trip, you might want to find out more about the best Italian coffee brands that you can try.

Italian Coffee History and Market Overview

Some church members opposed this drink in Italy, the same way it happens in other countries. Even though some Christians even tried to ask the Pope to burn this drink, they referred to as “devils drink” Pope liked it. Pope embraced it, and that’s how it gained its fame.

This is a standard beverage that is grown in many parts of the world. Arabica is among the types of drinks used to make Italy best coffee. Italy is just among the tropical areas where this plant grows. Espresso originated from Italy, starting from methods of production and espresso coffee.

Coffee – the favorite drink of the civilized world.

Thomas Jefferson

Italy is a leading exporter of this beverage. A 10th of the world’s population consumes this drink. The first coffee house appeared in Venice in the year 1645.

 Some of the largest roasters are Lavazza and Illy, who export large espresso blends in Italy. They export it in the United States and Europe. In 2020, the revenue reached $10,212m.

The market of this beverage grows each year by 5.8%. This same year, the average per capita consumption is still 4.7 kg.

Notable Italian Coffee Brands

It would be best if you enjoyed your busiest days with a breathtaking drink. Below is Italian coffee brands list you might interest to test.


Lavazza has over 125 years of history, and was  Luigi Lavazza created the brand. If you are looking for a warm color and golden cream beverage, then Lavazza could be the best. It has an aroma of dried fruit and a note of chocolate. This makes it to be among Italian coffee brands.

Lavazza is a combination of Robusta from Africa and Arabica from Brazil. While this beverage could have African and South American origins, the beans grow in Turin.


There’s no doubt that Illy is one of the famous Italian coffee brands existing in the market today. Francesco Illy founded Illycafe in 1963. He had earlier invented Illetta in 1963. This invention became the beginning of espresso machines, which improved the preparation of this drink.

 He had an innovative way of packaging, which focused on pressurization. This helped them export Illiy to Holland and Sweden during the 1940s.

The Illycafe has currently launched several blends with single-origin coffee that originated from Columbia, Guatemala, India, Costa Rica, and Brazil. 

Wondering if there’s any difference between Illy vs Lavazza? Try them out and find out. 

Caffe Vergnano

We will also cover the Caffe Vergnano is this Italian coffee brands review. It is known to be the oldest. The Vergnano family started Caffe Vergnano in 1882. It’s now 138 years since this company started and has been operating successfully.

 They use the banner of innovation and tradition to promote the culture all over the world. This product is well known to offer the best Italian tradition when it comes to this drink. This company takes this beverage from all countries and processes them directly.


Another best Italian roast coffee that seems to grow so fast in the world market is Kimbo. This is a popular company in northern Italy. The beans used to make this brand come from Brazil.

Since this brand has spread to various parts of the world, you can find Kimbo in Paris, London, and Johannesburg, among other areas. In growing these coffee plants, all steps required are followed and also undergo various quality checks.


Segafredo is a brand developed by Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group. With its flavor and taste, it has conquered the international markets. It is undisputed leading espresso coffee from Italy and other parts of the world. Its mission is to spread the culture, taste, and offer a product of the best quality.

Other brands to look for

If you are still wondering what the best Italian coffee is, you can look at other brands. Besides the above brands, you might be interested in checking other products in the market. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Mocambo

Mocambo is a German-Italian best coffee that has been in the market for over 30 years. It’s among the best brands due to its freshness, quality, emotion, and tradition.

  • Manaresi

Caffe Manaresi got in the market in 1898 and has successfully stood up among bars in Italy. Their unique passion for roasting is what makes them exceptional.

  • Brasiliana

Brasilaina is a top-rated product that was started by Grandfather Carlo Govoni in 1948. He started with a small shop in Ferrara, which later grew to a bid company.

  • Moak                        

Moak roasts coffee and distributes it. It has been operating since 1967 in Italy and has reached international markets too. We hope that the above brands in this Italian coffee brands review have expanded your knowledge.


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers.

Is Italian coffee grown in Italy?

No. While Italy has many coffee addicts who grow several plants in their backyards, no coffee is grown in Italy. Most Italian espresso coffee brands come from Italy, but the beans come from other countries.

Could all Italian coffee be espresso roast?

No. There is a specific type of espresso roast called Italian roast. Such a name makes people assume that all Italian beverages are Italian roasts. This isn’t true. You can get this drink in dark roast range and medium range.

What could be the best method of brewing?

You can brew this beverage using a stovetop percolator or an espresso machine if you are able. The brewing methods involve various amounts of pressure, which determines how delicious the cream is going to taste. 

You might want to try the pour-over method on the first couple of cups. This is the best method that lets you play with the grind size till you get your best setting.

How do Italians take coffee? Most of this beverage from Italy is prepared to be brewed as espresso. Remember, each of these beverages in Italy is a blend of Robusta and Arabica. For this reason, most Italians take espresso-based drinks. Below are some facts about how Italians take this drink.

  • Many Italians take this beverage thrice daily, which is in the morning, afternoon break, and during lunch hours.
  • There are no supersize portions. Each beverage has its exact cup or glass.
  • Italians can take Macchiatos and Espressos any time of the day
  • The ordinary barista’s age in Italy is 48 years old.


There’s no doubt that Italy is known to produce the best product of this drink. However, it gets the beans from other countries. You can try the above best Italian coffee brands 2020 and enjoy your drink.

What other brands have you ever used? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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