Best Flavored Coffee – Top Picks and Guide 2020

Are you coffee gourmet? If so, you definitely should draw your attention to the best flavored coffee! We’ve prepared a detailed buyer’s guide on top products available in 2020.

The world of coffee is always evolving with the advancement in types. One of the most recent advancements is flavored coffee. The main aim of adding flavors to coffee is to enhance the taste while making it last longer. The market today has a lot to offer when it comes to flavored coffee with adding, but how to make the right choice? 

The space of flavored coffee is diverse, with companies bringing about flavors such as strawberry, chocolate, rum, vanilla, etc. Although there are concerns about the distribution and sourcing of  this fantastic drink, the best flavored coffee brands guarantee top quality. And the fact that you can enjoy your coffee in different flavors makes this a topic of interest for most people.

If you are thinking of adding this drink to your stash of beverages, this article will come in handy. You will learn what the drink is, how it’s made, and how to pick the best  special beverage. You will also discover the best flavored coffee reviews of brands you can choose. 

A Detailed Guide on Flavored Coffee

adding flavors to coffee nuts

Flavored coffee, in simple terms, is coffee that has additional flavor other than the original coffee flavor. It can be created from natural ingredients such as herbs, spices, and nuts. Some famous brands use real food extracts, while others use synthetic flavors.

How flavored coffee beans achieve the aroma is a process. Coffee beans, mainly Arabica ones, are low in acidity and usually bitter. These are coated with synthetic chemical additives after the roasting process to create flavor grounds. After this, solvents are added to help the additives adhere to the beans for a lasting flavor.

adding flavors to coffee vanilla

The flavors used are concentrated and are very good at infiltrating the makeup of the coffee bean. After adding the flavoring oil, the beans are tossed in a mixer and packaged to retain the flavor. It is the most common way of making the whole bean flavored coffee, especially for commercial purposes.  

Another type of naturally flavored coffee is that with herbs, spices, and raw nuts. The most common flavors in this class are vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks, almonds, hazelnuts, cocoa beans, whole cloves, nutmeg, and whole peppers. These do not have a strong flavor compared to synthetic ones but enhance the taste to some extent.  

adding flavors to coffee CINNAMON

Organic flavored coffee can also include food extracts such as vanilla. Just like vanilla extract for baking, coffee flavor oils are highly concentrated to add flavor to coffee. The extracts are derived from herbs, spices, vegetables, nuts, etc. These add a more powerful flavor than real food flavors and have a recognizable aroma. 

It is important to note that the flavoring agents, either natural or synthetic, do not add any nutritional value to your coffee. The number of calories in your usual cup of coffee remains even with the flavor.

Does Flavored Coffee Have Caffeine?

Coffee naturally has caffeine as one of the major components. On this note, flavoring the coffee does not do away with the caffeine it has. More to this, the flavor does not alter the amount of caffeine in the coffee.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Flavored Coffee

If you intend to stock up on gourmet flavored coffee, you need to understand what you need to look for when choosing. 

Quality vs. Price

The quality of coffee should be the first feature you should look for. Regardless of the flavor, the coffee you choose should be made from high-quality beans. On this note, you should pay attention to the type of coffee, the intensity, and the roast.

On the same note, you should consider the price. Highly-priced flavored coffee may not necessarily mean it is the best on the market. Equally, you should not bash off cheap flavored coffee since the low price does not necessarily mean it is of low quality. The drink reviews can help you discover the beverage that provides the best value for money. 

Ingredients and Freshness

The taste and aroma of coffee are the reason people enjoy coffee in addition to the energy aspect of caffeine. If the beverage you choose does not retain its freshness, you might not fully enjoy it. Check all types of drink reviews to evaluate the ingredients used and ensure safety. 

Quality of Packaging

The packaging of coffee generally affects how long it retains its freshness. The best quality drink should have a proper seal and a waterproof, secure packaging. That way, the coffee remains in the best quality, retains the flavor, and lasts long.

Brand Variety

Flavored coffee companies have a variety to offer to provide an option for everyone. Some of the brands you can try;

  • Volcanica
  • Cameron’s Coffee
  • Lacas Coffee Company
  • Folgers
  • Out of the Grey.

For example, Volcanica has flavors such as Jamaican rum, Pina Colada, Island Breeze, Butter Toffee, etc. 

Folgers, one of the most popular coffee brands, has flavored Robusta coffee in a variety of flavors. Examples are Chocolate Raspberry, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and chocolate. Lacas Coffee Company, on the other hand, has its signature Pumpkin Spice coffee in addition to the variety of nut-flavored coffee variations.

If you are looking for the best coffee 2020, find a favorite from the variety Out of the Grey has. It has unique blends such as Bananas Foster, Blueberry, Butter Rum Cake, etc. Cameron’s Coffee has flavored Arabica coffee such as Pumpkin Spice, White Chocolate Peppermint, Cinnamon Sugar Cookie, etc. 

Final Word

Flavored coffee is an excellent alternative to your regular coffee. It allows you to enjoy a variety of flavors with the same effect you get from your regular fix of coffee. And, with the variety of flavors available on the market, you can indeed find a favorite.

Brands have a lot to offer, and the variations cater to everyone’s pallet. But, you need to keep a few factors in mind to find a suitable flavor. The best flavored coffee 2020 meets the standards when it comes to quality, texture, and taste. You can choose from the varieties the brands above have to offer. We hope this article guides you on choosing the best coffee.

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