Nicaragua Coffee Beans Buying Guide & Interesting Facts

Everything You Need to Know About the Best Nicaragua Coffee

Nicaragua is one of the most popular coffee-growing nations across the globe. It has a very pleasant and well-balanced flavor, which makes it the best in quality. This high essence of flavor is often what makes it the favorite among espresso lovers. If you want to know more about the best Nicaragua coffee, then keep reading!

Nicaraguan coffee is so much pleasure because it is not only grown in a good climate but also in one of the best geographical areas in Central American Nation. So, Delve into the article to know more.

The History of Nicaraguan Coffee

In 1796, the very first Nicaragua coffee plant was being seeded in Nicaragua. Initially, it wasn’t such a big trade. But almost half a century later, the US investment was fuelled by the Gold Rush, and henceforth, the sector gained a position in the trade and travel industries.  

The industry used to receive special aid from the government in the 20th century. The distractions during this time included the bans on imports and US involvement in the times of the Cold war and the Civil War throughout the country.

But the Nicaraguan coffee business successfully won over these distractions and was able to produce more revenue. There were thousands of farms spread in the country by the 20th century. These farms gave work opportunities to about 30,000 workers, therefore, helped the country economically as well.

Characteristics of Nicaraguan Coffee

Altitude and Plant Type

Coffee from Nicaragua grows best in the altitude ranging from 3600 to 5250 feet above the sea level. Although this is the best range of altitude, they are also grown in lower regions. But usually, they are grown in higher altitudes and are known as ‘high grown’ plants.

The most common plant type is the Arabica variety. This plant type yields high-quality beans and is considered the best. The other varieties include Maragogype, yellow and red Catuai, Catimor, Maracaturra, bourbon, and so on.

Harvesting and Washing

Harvesting of Nicaragua coffee comes between October and March. After it gets shipped, the best purchasing time lies between January and June.

The washing methods used in the Nicaragua caffeine industry are as follows:

  • Dry processing: In this process, the beans are left in the sun to dry.
  • Wet processing: The beans are processed to get the ‘cherry pulp’ washed off.
  • Honey processing: This lies between both the processes mentioned above.

Flavour Profile

Most of the Nicaraguan coffee beans have a smooth body and decent acidity that consists of a fruity, crisp, and clearly defined flavor. The aroma offers chocolaty essence, sweet caramel, and citrus. It tastes balanced and bittersweet in flavor.

Varieties of Plants

According to the Nicaragua coffee reviews, the Arabica and bourbon plant varieties are the most popular. The other varieties of plants are:

  • Caturra
  • Pacamara
  • Maracaturra
  • Yellow and Red Catuai
  • Catimor
  • Maragogype

Maragogype needs a special mention because of its elephant size and unique flavor. These plants give out the largest leaves, cherries, and beans. They are grown in most parts of the country.

Popular Production Regions and Their Product

Nueva Segovia

The northern part of Nueva Segovia produces high-quality beans. They are full of unique and exciting flavors, and interestingly they consist of acidic and floral properties.


Matagalpa is the northern region of the country that is full of volcanic soil. It has a tropical forest climate that supports the growth of high-altitude best Nicaraguan coffee beans.


Jinotega region, too has volcanic soil and tropical climate that supports the growth of the best Nicaragua Jinotega coffee beans. In the north-central region of this area, mostly the Caturra and Arabic varieties are grown.

Current State of Nicaraguan Coffee Industry

According to the best Nicaragua coffee 2020 stats, the Nicaragua coffee industry is one of the world’s best espresso industries. Most of their productions are exported to the United States. They are popular for producing organic beans.  

There came a time when CFC (Common Fund for Commodities) helped the coffee sector setup in Honduras and Nicaragua. This activity was able to provide decent loans to Nicaragua caffeine industry-related projects.

Smart Buying Tips

Roast Method

The flavor of Nicaragua espresso depends a lot on the roasting style. Light roast tastes smoother, milder, more acidic, and caffeinated. Medium roasted beans help to provide a mild experience and the dark roasted beans are apt for strong and bitter black espresso. Most Nicaraguan coffee brands produce beans with all three types of roasting style.

Caffeine Content

You will find that different Cuban coffee brands produce beans with varying caffeine content. The caffeine content is in the ingredients section of the packet. Therefore, you can find anything from mild to strong as per your preference.

Whole Beans vs Grounded

Beans are fresher than grounds. Also, with beans, you can customize the coarseness in accordance to your brewing style. But anyway, if you don’t have the time to grind the beans, then it is recommended that you invest in a grounded one.


The beans in bulk packaging are more economical. If you have a big family and everyone loves Nicaragua espresso, make sure you buy a bulk pack. But if you are someone who loves enjoying the freshest beans, then invest in smaller packs.

Ways of Roasting Nicaragua Coffee

According to the Nicaragua coffee reviews, their farms practice different roasting types varying from light to dark. We highly recommend you to choose either the medium or the dark roasting because they taste the best. If you are a strong espresso lover, then go for the dark roasting only.

Ways of Brewing Nicaragua Coffee

The two best Brewing options available for Nicaragua espresso include brewing in an espresso machine and cold brew. We would recommend you to opt for cold brew because they dampen more acidic flavors and increase overall taste quality.

Verdict and Recommendations 2020

We hope this article was able to help you know everything about the best Nicaragua coffee in 2020. Follow this buyer’s guide and invest in a quality brand to taste the best Nicaragua espresso flavor ever. 

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