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Best Cuban Coffee Brands To Keep You Feeling Fresh In 2020

With Cuban coffee making a comeback, people often wonder which are the best Cuban coffee brands? Unlike international brands like Nescafe, Cuban coffee brands are yet to make a global appeal. What makes this coffee stand out is the strong taste and aroma. 

The beverage is thicker than the other coffee varieties. Cuban coffee brands are known for cultivating organically. The coffee is a dry roast which gives it a distinct flavor. 

So, next time you crave for a strong cup of coffee, get yourself a Cuban espresso!

Buyer’s Guide

Cuban coffee, Arabica & Robusta, is a strong, bitter, and dark-colored concoction. The coffee beans are organically grown. These are then medium to dark roasted. The drink is strong, darker, and thicker than other coffee variants. 

Believe it or not, Cubans take it like a shot! If you have never experimented before, be sure to make it the traditional way. Cubans use Demerara sugar to make their coffee. As the world gets to know more about Cuban coffee, the curiosity about the best Cuban coffee brands 2020 is obvious. 

We have compiled a list of the best Cuban coffee brands keeping various factors into consideration.

The Specialty of Cuban Coffee

Moka pot

Cuban coffee is special from its farming method to the brewing process. Grown organically, it carries a distinct aroma. The coffee is brewed in Demerara sugar, which gives it the characteristic taste and looks. 

Cuban coffee or café Cubano traditionally comes out of Moka pot. The concoction is so strong that people take it like a shot.

Cuban Coffee Variants

Cuba produces some amazing coffee, Arabica, and Robusta varieties. The Cubans have some really interesting coffee recipes that are unknown to the world. If you want to get a quick shot of energy, here are some amazing Cuban recipes:

  • Café Cubano: This is also called the Cuban espresso. All you need to do is create a creamy lather by mixing finely ground coffee beans and sugar. 
  • Colada: Colada is just a big pot of café Cubano has to be shared with your peeps. Have 7-10 smaller cups and pour it out gently for everyone you love. Cubans solemnly dip the end of their cigars in the smaller cups before lighting. This is a unique tradition.
  • Cafe Con Leche: café Cubano is at the heart of every Cuban coffee recipe. Café con Leche is what lemon wedges are to vodka shots. A cup of steaming milk follows a coffee shot.
  • Cortadito: This is for the ones who can’t handle coffee shots (pun intended). You make this coffee by mixing milk. This reduces the strength of the coffee but the aroma and flavor remain.

What Sets Cuban Coffee Apart?

Coffee is a universal energizer. A cup of it and your Monday blues are away! You cannot count the times that it has saved you from a severe headache. Cuban coffee is the type that has remained in oblivion mainly because of political reasons. 

Slowly, it is making a mark in European and Asian nations. And, unsurprisingly, it is making people fall for it. Cuban coffee brands reviews are seeing a steep upward surge. 

But how do you know that it is a Cuban coffee? Let us help you out here with its main characteristics:

  • It is strongly aromatic and dark-colored Arabica or Robusta roast.
  • It is finely ground.
  • Cuban coffee is grown in reddish-brown soil. It is naturally rich in humus. As a result, there are no fertilizers in it. 
  • Cuban coffee is completely organic coffee.
  • Cuban coffee is hand-picked.
  • Traditional Cuban coffee comes out by adding demerara sugar during the brewing. The heat from the brewing process hydrolyzes sucrose in demerara sugar. This gives it a unique sweetness, unlike sugar.

Choosing The Best Cuban Coffee: Top Brands On The Market

Having said so much about the Cuban coffee, you surely have developed a craving for a coffee shot. Here comes the major issue. How do you know which are the best Cuban coffee brands? These are not advertised, and unfortunately, their import is not possible. 

But some popular coffee brands do have their market appearance. You just need to recognize them. Here we have a list of best Cuban coffee brands 2020 based on Cuban coffee brands review by consumers across the country:

Cohiba Atmosphere
  • Cohiba Atmosphere: This is a strong-roast coffee brand that comes with a cocoa undertone. Cultivated in the El Nicho plantation, therefore, it is cultivated in the shades of tropical trees.
  • Turquino Montanes: If you love a dark-roasted coffee with a sweet hint of honey, this is going to make its way to your kitchen shelf. The Arabia beans are dark roasted but the natural flavor of beans is creamy. This gives a unique balanced coffee flavor.
  • Cubita: This is the best brand of Cuban coffee. You get the earthy smell in the Arabica beans from the Sierra Maestra mountains. The hand-picked coffee beans are sun-dried and then dark-roasted in Havanna. What more do you need to have the flavorful aromatic cup of Cuban coffee?
  • El Arriero: El Arriero is an organic, dark-roasted coffee brand. It carries an intense aroma and flavor found in the soil of the eastern mountains of cuba. As a result, it is one of the Cuban espresso brands that does not have a bitter taste.
  • Cafe Serrano: If you are a fan of medium coffee roasts, café Serrano is your brand to go. It has a characteristic fruity and creamier flavor. Moreover, it is subtle and smooth.
  • Montecristo: Who doesn’t know about Cuban cigars? This coffee is unique for having a hint of tobacco in it. Surprised? Well, this coffee brand finds its root in the Alto La Meseta mountain peak. The unique plantation gives it a tobacco and smoky aroma.


What makes Cuban coffee so strong?

Cuban coffee gets its strong flavor mainly from the way people cook it. The coffee ground is brewed with dark demerara sugar and traditionally, milk is not in the recipy. The intensity of coffee lingers on the palate longer. 

Cubans take it as a vodka shot.  The coffee brand comparison shows that most of them are dark toasted that gives a strong taste.

How do I make a cup of authentic Cuban coffee?

  • Place ground coffee in a Moka pot filled with water.
  • Bring it to boil.
  • In a cup, put Demerara sugar and ground coffee over it.
  • Add a few drops of boiled coffee, water and make a fine paste of sugar-coffee.
  • Pour hot coffee over this paste.
  • Stir and take the shot.
  • For a more authentic taste, dip the end of Cuban cigar for that smoky aroma.

Why is it hard to find Cuban coffee in the US?

The political relations between Cuba and the USA got severed during the 1961 cold war. Subsequently, trade restrictions were imposed on Cuba. 

Even though there are 2 million people of Cuban ancestry living in the USA, finding an authentic Cuban coffee is a tough task. The trade embargo restricts the import of authentic Cuban coffee brands. Whatever brands are found in the USA, they do not originate in Cuba. 

Moreover, most of them grow in other Latin American countries. 

Final Word

If you have ever wondered what is the best Cuban coffee brand, you must have faced the issue of getting a hand on the packet. The severed trade relations deprive Americans of the heavenly taste of best Cuban coffee brands 2020. 

However, with slight ease on the trade restrictions, some brands are making an entry. Recently Nespresso also launched a Cuban coffee brand. 

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