Lifeboost Coffee: A Complete Review

Did you know that consuming high-quality coffee can help you live longer? It’s rich in antioxidants and other important nutrients which protect us from cancer, heart diseases, and other serious illnesses. So it’s no surprise that most of us have replaced unhealthy carbonated drinks with a better coffee alternative. Plus, there are dozens of amazing brands to choose from. The one that stood out for us, in particular, is Life boost coffee. It is exactly what its name implies – a very healthy and eco-friendly, that also tastes so rich and full!

Thus, we’ve decided to also share with you our love for this wonderful java, and create these Lifeboost coffee reviews, so that you could learn all about this brand, and what makes Life Boost coffee stand out!

Lifeboost Brand Overview        

Lifeboost coffee is a fantastic choice for people that care about their own health, as well as the environment. This brand pays special attention to the manufacturing process all the way from planting to the final process. Now, let’s dig deeper and learn more about the Life boost coffee growing process! 

Lifeboost Coffee Growing Process      

Lifeboost coffee is cultivated, processed, and packed by small local coffee plantation owners in Nicaragua. The crops are shade-grown in high areas – it brings cooler temperatures which allow beans to reach great taste and flavor. Besides, shady places protect coffee plants from insects and pests. No pesticides are ever used! The slowly grown, mature coffee cherries are hand-picked by local farmers. When collected, they rest and ferment for 24+ hours.

Next, farmers wash the beans in water, mechanically separate the pulp, and let them dry in the sun. Dry beans are stored in the burlap packages in a clean warehouse, where they can rest and reach full flavor before the next step – roasting.

Now, the cherry on the cake – Lifeboost is the best organic coffee, it’s bird-friendly certified, Fair Trade, and Kosher. More than that, each batch of Lifeboost coffee is carefully tested for mycotoxins and inspected for the highest quality. It’s the winner of numerous competitions and has even been chosen as the “World’s Premier Cup”.

What’s Special In Lifeboost Coffee?        

In addition to being grown and processed in such a healthy, natural way, Lifeboost coffee has a whole bunch of unique features, such as:

Brand Focuses On Health And Sustainability  

Lifeboost brand is well-known for its focus on health. All their coffees are low acid, which means they are gentle on the stomach. So, people who gave up java because of the acidity now can enjoy Life boost coffee! 

Single Origin 

Passionate coffee drinkers know that there’s nothing better than a single-origin coffee. Some of the cheaper coffee brands might use a mix of several beans, to hide the lower quality of their java. But when the beans are single-origin, the taste of your beverage becomes so much fuller and better. Therefore, single-origin = quality.

As we touched on above, Lifeboost is a Nicaragua coffee. It has a smooth body with notes of caramel and chocolate – the flavors unique to this region.              

Low Acidity 

Java is naturally rich in acids – the higher acidity, the brighter the flavor. However, high acidity may lead to digestive problems.

Meanwhile, Lifeboost is focused on selecting low acid beans, but still has a great taste and well-rounded flavor.


Mycotoxins are a harmful compound naturally produced by the growing on coffee bean fungi. When there’s too much of them, these toxins can harm your organs, like kidneys, or even cause cancer. And improper planting and processing can significantly increase mycotoxins. Plus, how the java is stored matters too.

Luckily, there is Lifeboost on the market – one of the few coffee brands without mycotoxins. They achieve this by taking special care of the whole manufacturing process – from plantations to the table.     

What Products Do Lifeboost Offer?         

Lifeboost brand offers a wide range of the best organic coffee. You can select from various types of roast and taste to fully satisfy your need for java! So, let’s take a closer look at the Lifeboost products!

Standard Coffee       

Lifeboost has a full line of standard coffee styles:

  • A light roast – it’ll bring you the sweetness of the coffee cherry.
  • A medium roast – great for people that love the balanced taste.
  • A dark roast – perfect for those who prefer deeper caramelized notes.

Specialty Coffee                  

  • Super dark midnight roast – it’s ideal for folks who love a more robust joe with a full taste. And after roasting to almost black color, you get a bit smokey flavor, with distinct chocolate notes.
  • Unique espresso roast – you’ll fall in love with its intense aroma, caramel or chocolate notes, and balanced, well-rounded brew. Moreover, you don’t need an espresso machine to make this drink!

Flavored Coffee                   

How do you make excellent, organic coffee even better? Add unique flavors to your java! Lifeboosts offer flavored coffees in whole beans or ground. Basic flavors like French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Peppermint Mocha, and Caramel Macchiato are available all year round. However, their offerings go far beyond that! Try one of Lifeboost flavored coffees, and you’ll get a low-acid, balanced cup bursting with taste.

Decaf Coffee   

Lifeboost decaf coffee will satisfy your palate when you don’t want the extra buzz. This beverage is well rounded and balanced, it is rich and bold with undertones of chocolate, caramel, and a slight fruitiness.  

Coffee For Cold Brew

Want some unique coffee to cool down during hot summer days? Then you’d love Lifeboost coarse-ground coffee beans for cold brew! Cold brew coffee is a fully caffeinated beverage that preserves its acidity and smooth taste. More importantly, it has twelve various types of probiotics, for gut health. 


So let’s sum up Life boost coffee’s pros and cons: 

Pros Cons
  • Organic
  • Mycotoxin-tested
  • Low acid
  • Fair Trade and bird-friendly certified
  • Shade-grown high in the mountains
  • Single-origin coffee
  • Available in K-cup and Go Bags
  • Expensive
  • Unexciting packaging
  • Lighter roasts are fairly weak

So as you see, with any bag of Lifeboost’s coffee, you can be sure you’re buying a low-acid, healthy, eco-friendly coffee! Whatever your preference, you can find the brand variety to fit your needs. And hopefully, our Lifeboost coffee reviews 2023 helped you learn all about this superb java!

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