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Illy vs Lavazza: Which Italian Coffee Brand is Better?

Ever since Illy and Lavazza brands have been launched, people fell in love with the amazing taste of these drinks. But now is the time to pick the best between these two.

Coffee is an amazing drink that became an inseparable part of our lives. And it’s popularity is understandable, given the huge number of types of coffee you can choose from. There are dozens of coffee types and more than thousands of various brands – all from various brands and countries. And even though it’s a matter of preference, a lot of people agree that one of the best coffees are made in Italy. So today, we’ve decided to take a look at the two most famous Italian coffee brands – Illy and Lavazza. How famous? Together they made a revenue of 1.9 billion euro in 2018. That shows how beloved these brands are.

However, which one of them is actually better? To answer that, let’s dive into the Illy vs Lavazza dilemma, and determine which of these can be considered the best Italian coffee brand.

Illy Coffee Review

what is illy coffee

This brand was founded in 1895 by a Hungarian-born businessman Francesco Illy. Nowadays, it is also known as an Illycaffè S.p.A. 

This Italian brand has 3 individual roasts – regular, dark roast, and decaf. Plus, their Arabica beans, obtained from many countries, known for having a great coffee – Africa, India, Latin America e.t.c. What’s more, Illy provides pre-ground coffee in secure containers made of steel. These are sealed with inert gas to keep the original freshness longer. It’s also important to note that most of Illy’s revenue stemmed from the EMEA region, 38%, to be exact. Meanwhile, the domestic market revenue makes up 35%.

Notable Products

Illy Classico Ground Espresso Read Full Review

This coffee is Medium roasted and grounded ideally. One of the greatest things about this is the fact that this coffee has hints of chocolate to enhance the flavor of your espresso.

Illy Intenso Ground Coffee – Read Full Review

Considering that this coffee is made of 100% Arabica seeds, it’s safe to say that this is probably the best Illy coffee. It gives a perfectly blended and smooth flavor to your beverage. It also has an embedded taste of chocolate and caramel that sets the taste just right.

Illy Ground Moka Classico Coffee

This one is made of the 9 finest coffee sources. It is a medium roast and has a host of delicate aromas and sweetness. And what’s more, a lot of Illy coffee reviews rate this product as one of the best. And that’s understandable – the subtle notes of orange blossom, jasmine, and caramel make this java very delicious, with taste that will leave you speechless.

Illy Decaffeinated Ground Coffee

Here 100% Arabica coffee beans are roasted lightly and then passed onto airtight containers. This helps to retain their amazing flavor for a long time.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
● High-quality espresso blend
● A diverse range of coffee machines
● Blended flavors
● Uses the best Arabica beans
● High roasting standards
● Can be rather expensive

Lavazza Coffee Review

what is lavazza coffee

Established in Italy, in 1895 Lavazza is one of the oldest coffee brands. And ever since it was beloved among many people. When we’re talking about Lavazza Vs Illy debate, it’s worth noting that the latter has a more chocolaty and fruity flavor accompanying the coffee. 

Lavazza is the seventh ranking coffee roaster in the world and has a 36% market share of sales in Italy. In 2019 it secured revenue of more than 2 billion.

Notable Products

Lavazza Super CremaRead Full Review

Almost every Lavazza coffee review agreed that Super Crema is the best Lavazza coffee. And that’s not surprising – the taste of this drink is phenomenal. It has amazing notes of honey, hazelnut, and dried fruit. The balance that it strikes in the tone and taste is impeccable.

Lavazza Gold SelectionRead Full Review

Another amazing coffee that will leave you impressed and satisfied. This drink will surely satisfy every coffee enthusiast with its hint of honey and almond.

Lavazza Grain Riserva

Another great brew for anybody who enjoys a good cup of coffee. It has authentic flavors of medium roast beans with hints of chocolate to add a more full, rich taste.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
● Single-origin and blends
● Great selection of whole bean blends
● Variety of roast levels
● Robusta-Arabica blends available 
● Sustainability and reasonable price
● Does not maintain standard roasting levels
● Small range of coffee makers

Illy vs Lavazza Comparison

  Illy Lavazza
Origin 1895, Italy 1933, Italy
Beans used Pure Arabica Arabica and Robusta
Products Ground coffee, coffee beans, k-cup pods, capsules, E.S.E. pods Coffee capsules/pods, ground coffee, coffee beans, instant coffee
Aroma Sharp and slightly acidic Have hints of coffee and dried fruits
Flavor Mellow and balanced Full and smooth
Packaging In pressurizes air free can Vacuum packed in paper bags

Beans Used

Illy uses Arabica, the best and most popular beans for espresso. Lavazza used a blend of Arabica and Robusta. 

Coffee Products

The coffee products from these brands differ largely. Illy has about five different products along with further subdivisions while Lavazza has four varieties of coffee products. Both these Italian espresso brands cater justly to their niche of customers.

Aroma and Flavor

According to a lot of coffee brand reviews, Illy has a very strong and acidic flavor. Meanwhile, Lavazza has a smoother blend. Plus, Illy has a more mellow and balanced flavor compared to its competitor.


When it comes to packaging Illy wins in this Lavazza vs Illy. The reason is it comes in a classic air free can whereas Lavazza comes in vacuum packed paper bags.

Coffee Makers and Accessories

Illy has about 50 different coffee machines. This brand has espresso machines, French presses, Moka Pots, drip brewers, and many more. Meanwhile Lavazza offers only two espresso machines.

Alternative Italian coffee brands to Consider

  • Lollo Caffe: Lollo is one of the biggest and greatest roasting companies. It will surely give you espresso you will enjoy! 
  • Kimbo: Known for an amazing Neapolitan espressos, Kimbo has been giving an amazing coffee-drinking experience for over 50 years.
  • Danesi: Danesi is another great Italian coffee brand. A lot of coffee brand reviews praise Danesi for it’s amazing rich taste. This is also a rather famous and old brand, with over a century of experience in the coffee industry.
  • Caffe Musetti: Caffe Musetti promises you the ambiance of a cafe within the comfort of your home. And you won’t be disappointed.
  • Quarta Caffe: Founded by Luigi Musetti, this famous brand produces one of the best artisan java. What’s more, all their beverages have a Certified Speciality Coffee label, which just speaks for itself about the high quality of this product.
  • Pellini: Another great Italian brand that you can try out as an alternative to Lavazza or Illy. This company was founded in 1922 and has been giving amazing coffee ever since. If you want a tried and true rich taste of java – this is a good option to consider.

Lavazza Vs Illy: Final Word

Now that we’ve taken a Illy vs Lavazza coffee dilemma. We hope that you can now understand what makes these brands so great and what kind of experience they provide. Whether to choose Illy or Lavazza, all comes down to what you look for in a coffee. If you want a more potent and strong taste – Lavazza is your choice. But if you’re a fan of a more light, smooth taste, consider Illy.

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