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How To Use Bunn Coffee Maker Guide for Brew Lovers

Starting a day with the first sip from the freshly brewed cup makes us feel like we are in heaven. Does this same feeling happen to you too? Then, my friend, we’re on the same page. And today we are going to discuss how to use Bunn Coffee Maker.

Their passion for delivering the best quality brewing cup home-to-home has made them one of the coffee device industry pioneers.

About BUNN Coffee Makers

Also known as BUNN-O-Matic Corporation, BUNN has been one of the most popular manufacturers since 1840. The history of this company starts in 1972, they launched their first automatically home brew-dipping machine. Ever since then they’ve been a really popular choice, especially in the States and Canada, beloved by coffee-lovers.

The user-friendly and fast processing devices are their identities. The devices come with different capacities of a single cup and multi cups. The typical three models of Bunn makers are; the GR, BX, and NHS.

Using your Bunn Coffee Machine for the First Time?

If you are a beginner and wondering how to operate a Bunn coffee maker, then we are at your service. Let us first check out the parts of the machine.

Know The Parts

Here are parts, that are present in a brewer:

  • Brewer Funnel Lid 
  • Internal hot water tank
  • Glass Carafe lid (for GR, BX, NHS)
  • Glass Carafe (for GR, BX, NHS)
  • Warmer Plate (for all three models)
  • Thermal Carafe and lid (Only for ST and BT models)
  • Spray-head power On Light (only ST models)
  • Warmer Switch (for all three models)

Now that you are aware about the parts, here are the Bunn commercial coffee maker instructions for your perfect brewed cup.

 Before Plug in

In order to learn how does a Bunn coffee maker work, you need to know the steps before plugging the brewer: 

  • Step 1: Set up an empty brewing funnel into its guide.
  • Step 2: Slide the brew lid by lifting.
  • Step 3: Fill your carafe full with filtered water into the brewer.
  • Step 4: Repeat the process till the carafe is fully filled.
  • Step 5: Close the lid and plug in your brewer.

Brewing a First Cup

Now it’s about time to learn how to make coffee in a Bunn coffee maker:

  • Put the filter in the brewing funnel.
  • Fill the desired amount of beans or powder into the filter.
  • Shift the brewing funnel into the guide.
  • Open the lid.
  • Take 4-10 cups to fill the carafe.
  • Pour the water into the brewer.
  • Turn on the warmer. The warmer feature is missing in ST and BT models.
  • Close the lid to kick-start the brewing process.

How to clean Bunn coffee maker and maintain it?   

Here’s some tips on the process of cleaning Bunn coffeemaker. When you’re learning how to use Bunn coffee maker it’s a very important process to learn, as it helps extend the life-span of your machine.

Daily Maintenance

  • After each use, wash out the filter basket.
  • After each use, clean the pot.
  • Thoroughly clean the parts when you’re done with the machine for the day.

Weekly Maintenance

  • Wash all the components thoroughly.
  • Scrub the outer body of the device with a soft scrubber.
  • Remove residue from the brew basket.
  • The spray head must be clog-free.
  • Clean the grinder and wash the funnel and decanter on the top-rack of your dishwasher.

Deliming Bunn coffee maker

You need to delime your brewer periodically, to get rid of any lime deposits. How often you do this process depends on the type of water you’re using – the harder the water, the more often you have to delime. Here’s how you can do it fast and easy:

  • Step 1: Locate and unscrew the spread head.
  • Step 2: Find and insert the entire deliming probe up to 2 inches of the spray head opening.
  • Step 3: Slide the tool in and out to clear deposits.
  • Step 4: Rinse the spray head before reinstalling.
  • Step 5: Plugin and test the device.

How to empty a Bunn coffee maker

  • Begin with unplugging it.
  • Empty the brew funnel and switch warm water with cold. Fill it with water till the top and wait till it stops flowing. Empty the decanter.
  • Remove the spray head.
  • Turn the brewer upside down to empty the tank.
  • After water stops flowing, put the spray back in position.

Great, so now that you know how to work a Bunn coffee maker, here are some quick tips.

Troubleshooting tips 

  • If your spray head holes are clogged or blocked somehow, you might experience difficulties concerning liquid pouring out of the machine.
  • In case you’re getting a cold cup of beverage – switch on your device and let the water heat for a considerable length of time. You can also go through the manual guide on how to use Bunn coffee maker, for more detailed information.
  • For a strong or light cup of delight, you need to balance the coffee ratio to water. You can keep experimenting with different flavors and bean grinds till you get your perfect mug. In case you’re solely an espresso-lover, consider purchasing some espresso machines, for the best brewing of this type of coffee.


Hope the above-listed Bunn coffee maker instructions was useful and informative! As you see, the maintenance of these machines is effortless overall. This way you will enjoy the rich, tasty flavour of java that many us coffee-enthusiasts adore. Now that you know how to use Bunn coffee maker, you are a professional brewer!

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