Best Instant Decaf Coffee

Best Instant Decaf Coffee – Your Guide in 2020

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world because an average person can drink 42.6 liters per year. Many people enjoy drinking it, but surprisingly, that’s not all. They want to limit their caffeine intake for health reasons. For this reason, the best Instant decaf coffee could be an amazing alternative.

This article takes a detailed look at the best instant decaf brands that will help you select the best instant decaffeinated drink.

What is decaf coffee, and how is it made?

 Organic decaf instant coffee is the drink in which caffeine does not exist. It is made from beans, and at least 97% of their caffeine has been removed. Best instant decaffeinated coffee is typically producing either by using water, carbon dioxide, or solvents to draw caffeine out of the beans.

 The beans are washed in the solvent and then boiled until the caffeine has been extracted. Another method to extract caffeine is by using carbon dioxide or a charcoal filter. This method is also known as the Swiss Water Process. It relies entirely on two concepts, namely Osmosis and Solubility.

It begins by soaking beans in hot water to dissolve the caffeine. Water is drawn off and passed through an activated charcoal filter. In the end, we have no-caffeine beans in one tank; in the other tank, we have no-flavor beans. 

Instant decaf coffee benefits and concerns

There are plenty of health benefits associated with drinking a caffeinated cup of coffee. The decaffeination and instant production processes reduce the amount of caffeine, leaving you with less than 3 mg of caffeine per cup. Espresso, which is prepared differently than regular coffee, varies too:

 A study found out that decaf espresso shots from the same batch of beans have between 3 and 15.8 milligrams of caffeine. An average instant decaf espresso shot contains 63 milligrams of caffeine.

Here are some health benefits resulting from the antioxidants and nutrients found in this beverage:

  •  Regular consumption of coffee reduces the risk of getting type 2 diabetes mellitus. This is because chlorogenic acid is an insulin sensitizer that potentiates insulin action.
  • This plant contains polyphenols organic compound, which helps regulate metabolism, chronic diseases, and cell proliferation.
  • Various polyphenols have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that could prevent neurodegenerative disorders, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

Some of the downsides of caffeine include:

  • A heightened level of acidity with an increased risk of heartburn 
  • The tendency to cause bowel movements

What are the instant decaf coffee concerns?

 Many users are concerned about the contents found in it.  Probably you are asking yourself this question too.  Is acrylamide harmful to my health? Worry less! 

Roasted beans contain small quantities of acrylamide. However, this chemical is only harmful in rather high amounts.

 Ethyl acetate is used in the process of decaffeinating this beverage. Methyl chloride is used as a solvent in the caffeine from green beans. It should be used at a level not exceeding 0.001% in decaffeinated roasted coffee and decaffeinated soluble extract. 

While these are both technically “organic” compounds, they are synthetically produced, and both can cause health problems if taken to high doses. Drinking this beverage in moderation is safe and may have a wide range of health benefits, as the use is according to FDA standards.

Who should consume Instant decaf coffee?

We’ve all got to admit that caffeine is addictive. It leaves you hyperactive when all you wanted was a little boost to get through the day.

But even with drawbacks; this drink is something we can’t live without. But again, here comes the question. Who should consume best tasting instant decaf coffee?

Decaf is consumed by people whose bodies can’t adjust to caffeine. Are you one of these people? Then keep on reading! 

Here are few people who may want to consume decaf:

  • Pregnant Women
  • Those dealing with anxiety disorders
  • Those with heart conditions

All these people can be sensitive to caffeine intake in their bodies.

How can you choose the best instant decaf coffee?

Here are some factors to help you choose the best product for this beverage.


A well-known brand of this beverage is essential. It’s more likely that an established and renowned product can access this technology and expertise that can give you the best tasting this drink. Below are some of the best brands.

Mount Hagen

It’s the only certified instant decaf coffee.  Their beans are sourced from Peru and Honduras.

Features They are freeze-dried and have a distinct flavor 
Their flavor is both fruity and nutty, with a hint of spice
Pros It’s freeze-dried
It’s organic
ConsIt’s expensive



The roast is well balanced with lots of flavors. You can have it at home or on the go.

Features One pack contains 16 sachets
It comes with a hint of hazelnut flavor
ConsDuring delivery, sachets are prone to punctures

Coffee Type

Instant coffee comes in two types depending on how it’s prepared. The first way is using a method of brewing where beans are grounded using hot and dry air then sprayed into a mist. The mist is then collected and forms flakes like the one seen in the coffee powder.

The other way is through freeze-drying. Only hot water needs to be added to prepare a cup of this beverage.

Bean type

With a mixture of complementary flavors from other beans, the flavor from one type of beans will be masked by the flavor of different beans. A single beans best flavored coffee has a distinctive taste, and when it is decaffeinated, the change in flavor is more noticeable.

In instant decaf, you can choose beans from different countries like Italy and the Netherlands. There is also a choice amongst roast- light, dark, or medium.

Other factors to consider

Factors like packaging size, type, and expiry date also matter. When it’s packed in smaller single-cup pouches, the drink will retain its freshness and flavor whenever you prepare a new cup. Coffee in a large jar will be opened frequently, leading to loss of some freshness.

Steps to make tasty decaf drink

Adding extra flavor to an instant decaffeinated drink is one of the essential things to consider. You can follow the steps:

  1. Add cream
  2. Then add sugar
  3. Add oriental spicy enhancers:
  • Cinnamon
  • Cocoa powder
  • Hazelnut syrup

4. Enjoy your hot drink


Can you drink decaf coffee when pregnant?

You are advised to drink decaf when pregnant because the amount of caffeine is less. It would be best if you didn’t take more than 200mg of caffeine a day.

Can I drink decaf coffee with high blood pressure?

Yes, it reduces high blood pressure, but it also reacts differently in each person’s body. 

Can I mix regular coffee with decaffeinated coffee?

Yes, you can! If you want to control the amount of caffeine, but not to limit yourself to just 3%.

Final word

Coffee is one of the healthiest beverages. Its usage is associated with several health benefits. However, not everyone is fit to drink it. For some, it causes health problems as a result of caffeine. There’s no doubt that decaf is the best way to enjoy your drink without facing health risks.

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