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Best Dark Roast Coffee Beans: Recommendation & Buyer’s Guide 2023

Do you like your java strong and rich, so it could give you an immediate energy boost? Then you will certainly appreciate the best dark roast coffee! So let’s find out how to choose only the best dark roast beans, to enjoy some high quality, delicious drink!

To get the best coffee possible, you need to have only high-quality, best dark roast coffee beans, and we’ll help you learn how to pick the right ones!

For the lovers of rich and thick caffeine, there is no better option than dark roast coffee. And that’s not surprising – the nutty aroma that fills the senses in the first sip is truly wonderful, and that rich smell is just what you. Moreover, dark coffee is just what you need for those dull mornings when you just need the energy to carry on with your life. 

Top 7 Best Dark Roast Coffee Beans: Comparison Chart

Brand Single Origin/Blend Flavor Notes Certified Organic Caffeine Content Volume
OLDE BROOKLYN COFFEE Blend n/a No Caffeinated 5 pound
Wink Coffee Single origin Cocoa, freshly ground baking spices, dried berries Yes Caffeinated 2.2 pound
Peet’s Coffee Blend Smoky, bittersweet, caramel Yes Caffeinated 1 pound
AmazonFresh Blend Dark chocolate No Caffeinated 2 pound
Starbucks Blend Molasses, caramel ized sugar No Caffeinated 1.25 pound
Real Good Coffee Company Blend Bell pepper, cedar Yes Caffeinated 2 pound
Koffee Kult Blend Cinnamon Yes Caffeinated 2 pound

How Roasting Affects a Coffee Taste?

The roasting is what gives the coffee that delicious and rich flavor. That is because the beans absorb the heat during the roasting process and acquire the delectably smoky and charming flavor and fragrance.

What Is Dark Roast Coffee?

It is a drink obtained by roasting the coffee beans at 465-480 F temperature until the beans turn almost black. What sets dark roasted coffee beans apart from the regular ones is that they have a distinct burnt, smoky, and bitter taste.

What Beans Are Best for Dark Roast Coffee?

Some companies produce some of the most popular, best dark roast coffee beans. Among such brands are:

  • Café Don Pablo Subtle Earth Organic: Cultivated in Honduras, this one has a velvety texture, rich flavor, and a low level of acidity.
  • Death Wish Coffee World’s Strongest Coffee: The beans possess boast of high caffeine content, and the flavor has sweet chocolate and cherry notes.
  • Starbucks Espresso Roast: Brew the best espresso with or without milk with the dark roast coffee beans of Starbucks.
  • Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans: This variety stands out for the balanced acidity level and smooth flavor and consistency.

Dark Roast Varieties

  • Colombian Supremo: The dark roast coffee of Columbia has the most exquisite taste and unearthly undertones of juicy lemons, milk chocolate, and brown sugar.
  • Tanzania Peaberry: Coffee connoisseurs speak highly of the winey notes of Tanzania Peaberry dark roast coffee.
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe: People fall in love with the mild fruity kick of Ethiopian beans, Yirgacheffe, the French roast blend that.
  • Guatemala Antigua: Guatemalan products are famous across the world for their unique, spicy flavor.
  • Sumatra Mandheling: Indulge in the sweet aroma of chocolate, maple syrup, and toasted almonds that wafts from the cup of freshly brewed Sumatra Mandheling product of Indonesia.

What Drinks Can We Cook With Dark Roasted Beans?

Most commonly, the best dark roast coffee beans are used for espresso, since it gives that potent and rich taste so many lovers of this drink adore.

Also, this type of roast is perfect for macchiato and latte drinks. Yes, some may be surprised, considering that the latte is creamy and smooth, while the dark roast is strong. But the reason is that the strong aroma of dark roast coffee cuts through the taste of milk, and the flavor of heavily caramelized sugar lends a mouth-watering sweet and smoky zest to the drink.

Dark Roasted Coffees Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
• Dark roast coffee boasts of intense flavor
• You can prepare a mug of your favorite coffee drink with a little amount of coffee
• Even the cheap dark roast coffee is tasty as well
• Dark roast coffee is a little too strong
• The procedure of dark roasting ends up masking the original flavor of the coffee

How to Choose the Best Dark Roast Variant


Each type of drink has a distinct taste. Most of the varieties of dark roast have rich chocolaty notes. However, you can go for caramel or fruit flavors as well.  Make sure that it is not too bitter so that you can brew it in any way you want.

Bag Size

If you are trying out dark roast drink for the first time, then avoid buying a large bag of it, since it would save you money unless you don’t like it. However, if you do love dark roast coffee, then it all comes down to your preferences.


MosAll the best dark roast coffee usually has certifications that assure the premium quality of the product. These are the most common company certifications that affirm the authenticity of coffee: as collected from different dark roast drink reviews:

  • Fair Trade: The Fair Trade certificate indicates that the farmers and corporations are subject to standard trading conditions and are compliant with the principles of sustainable development and environmental laws.
  • USDA Organic: If you’re into 100% organic products, then go for the USDA Organic certificate that authenticates the dark roast coffee IS organic. This certificate ensures that there is no harmful ingredient in the coffee like synthetic herbicides and pesticides and toxic chemicals.
  • Rainforest Alliance: The Rainforest Alliance certificate indicates that the coffee cultivation farm is audited by governmental authorities that affirm the adherence of the farm with environmental conservation.

Tips for Brewing the Dark Roast Beverage

  • Drink it freshly roasted: Even the best bold drink tends to lose its freshness very quickly. Thus always make sure to brew freshly ground French, Italian, and Spanish dark roast coffee for the best taste.
  • Use boiling water: Prepare the drink with boiling water to make it smooth and less bitter.
  • Make sure that the beans are of the right size: Beans that are ground to the medium coarse size are best suited for a cup of the darkest roast coffee.


Is Dark Roast Drink Stronger?

It is a common myth that dark beans taste stronger than light roast drinks because both varieties possess the same amount of caffeine. The strength of flavor is different but not caffeine, as the process of roasting beans does not have the caffeine content.

IIs Dark Roast Coffee Healthier?

If you are concerned about your health, then choose the specific beverage over the light variant as the former is a healthier alternative. The acidic content of dark roast coffee is lower. It contains glutathione and vitamin E, along with other ingredients that help in weight loss and the generation of RBCs in the body.

Is Dark Roast Coffee Bitterer?

Yes, more than the light roast coffee. However, if your drink feels way too bitter, then it must have been excessively roasted or over-extracted. You may either switch to a different brand or try masking the bitterness with milk, sugar, and cream.


All and all, dark roast coffee is perfect for those, that love a potent, rich drink that will instantly give them an energy rush. And to enjoy only the most delicious java, you need only the best dark roast coffee beans.

So hopefully, we’ve helped you learn about what type of dark roast coffee you need, so keep in mind our little recommendations, and we’re certain that you’ll find the best among the dark roast coffee brands for 2023 in no time!

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