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Best Coffee Maker Under $50: Top Reviews and Extended Buying Guide

Here you will find everything you wanted to know about fantastic, inexpensive coffee machines

Coffee is one of the two most popular drinks around the world. Ways of preparing and drinking coffee vary, depending on the country or even region. But still, everyone agrees that it’s not possible to make this beverage without a good machine. There were several types of traditional coffee makers in the past, and you could choose the one that suits you following the type of coffee you wanted to make. For example, ibrik or cezve for Turkish coffee or Moka pot for a ristretto. Nowadays, the market is packed with all kinds of coffee machines. Choosing the right model can be quite overwhelming. Also, they come at various prices, which can make you even more perplexed when it comes to figuring out how to choose a good coffee makers for home and how much to pay. An interesting survey made by the Statista Research Department shows that most people don’t want to pay a lot for good coffee maker. Only 13% said they are willing to pay more than $100. 

That information sparked our desire to go out there and do some research to find affordable coffee makers. We talked with baristas and coffee aficionados and read various best coffee makers under 50 reviews to collect as much information as possible about the best coffee maker under 50. In this article, we are going to share with you our findings, hoping that after reading, it will be easy to find the right model.

Who Are Budget Coffee Makers For?

Of course, there are always some people who want to have all the latest technology gadgets and appliances, and they don’t ask for the price. However, the majority is looking to buy inexpensive coffee makers. People who want to enjoy a good cup of joe, but don’t need an appliance that has the features of a spacecraft can be perfectly happy with the best coffee maker under 50. Besides, those of us who are on a tight budget will be interested in finding a quality and cheap coffee maker. Sometimes we think that to be efficient an appliance needs to cost a lot. As you will see in this text, there is a plethora of best coffee maker under $50 models that have performances that will indeed surprise you. 

Top Coffee Maker Under 50

We have selected three models for our coffee maker with under 50 reviews. After testing them, we decided to provide you with a detailed description of these appliances. We attempt to provide all the information about the benefits and downsides of these three machines. And we wish to give you an idea of what we are talking about and facilitate the decision-making process. 

Hamilton Beach 46310 Review

Hamilton Beach again doesn’t stop to surprise us. This model is what you would call the best drip coffee maker under 50. People who are annoyed by having to make coffee several times in the morning will be thrilled to have this appliance at home as it can make 12 cups of coffee at once. It is programmable, so you can set the strength and time when you want your cup to be ready in advance. It is simple to pour water into the tank and the temperature of the coffee is high enough. The main downside is that it seems that the filter basket is short, which makes handling filters a bit difficult. 


  • Large tank
  • Fast
  • Programmable


  • Short filter basket 

Mr. Coffee Black Review

A compact, best coffee maker under $40 that is ideal for a family on vacation. Because of its size, it’s perfectly portable – the only thing you have to make sure that there are power outlets where you want to use it. Although small, its tank has a big capacity, so you can also get 12 cups of drink with this best coffee maker under 50 dollars. Using it is so simple that everyone can make coffee without any problem. This machine brews coffee quickly, and the taste of it is marvelous. The only thing that can be improved is the lid. Since it is not heavy enough, it tends to move while the brewer works. 


  • Cheap
  • Great coffee taste
  • 12 cups


  • The lid could be better

Black+Decker Coffee Single Cup Review

If you’re traveling a lot, then here’s the ideal coffee maker under 50 for you. It brews your favorite beverage directly into a travel mug that comes with it. It’s a coffee maker under 100 that brews coffee for one person. Small and doesn’t occupy a lot of space on the kitchen counter this maker also has an automatic shut off. However, it’s important to note that this is a noisy machine.


  • Compact
  • Travel mug
  • Automatic shut off


  • Loud

What to Look For In a Coffee Maker Under 50


Materials are among the factors you need to consider when you are choosing the best coffee maker under 50. This choice comes down to your personal preferences, but there are some elements you ought to know. The carafe can be glass or plastic. Some people opt for plastic models, although glass is much safer because these coffee makers weigh less, and thus it’s easier to carry them. If you choose a machine with a plastic carafe, make sure that it’s BPA-free plastic, that doesn’t release toxins to your beverage.

Water Tank Capacity

The capacity of the coffee machine’s tank is important for all coffee lovers. Think about how much black magic potion you and your family need and then buy accordingly. You can find different options out there, but keep in mind that most good coffee makers for home make 10 to 12 cups of coffee, or 750ml. If you’re living alone, a single cup machine will do just fine. 

Brewing Strength

The brewing strength of coffee makers under 50 models can vary depending on various things, including the type of coffee you want to make. Some appliances include an option that allows you to set the brewing strength of your choice, while others work at one strength only. Before deciding which model is best for you, check its properties and see if it suits your needs. 

Brewing Speed 

Different appliances have different speed options. Of course, for you, the best is the one that allows you to enjoy a fresh cup right after you wake up. Check the product specifications to understand which machine is the fastest. 

Temperature Settings

Temperature settings are another thing you have to consider. Some people like their coffee hot, while others prefer it when they don’t have to wait for it to cool. If you prefer hotter coffee, go for makers that are advertised to brew at high temperatures.

Timer & Auto Functions

A timer allows you to set the exact time when you want your coffee to be done. The automatic shut-off is also excellent, primarily if you always have difficulty remembering whether you switched it off or not.


A lot of people forget about it, but you should take a look at the carafe as well. It might have nothing to do with the performance of the machine, but it is still crucial to check if it suits your needs. Pay attention to see if the pour spout is working for you. Also, check if it is easy to hold it in your hands.

Ease of Use 

Of course, you don’t want a machine that will require that you get a BA in electrical engineering before you start using it. Look for an appliance that is simple to use. That way, you can make sure that your drink will be ready quickly in the morning.

Ease of Cleaning

You should buy a machine that is easy to clean. Experts recommend avoiding anything that has tubes, because things can get stuck inside, making it different to clean.

Other Affordable Brewing Methods: What Are They?

When people shop for gadgets and appliances, the first thing on their mind is convenience. That is the reason why we’re focused on looking for automated affordable coffee makers, that are easy to use. However, there are a lot of coffee makers under 50 options that make rich coffee. Some of them, such as the Italian Moka pot, have already been mentioned. Besides, there is also a French press that you can find at almost any big supermarket at a very affordable price.


If you want to save money by not going to the coffee shop every morning and enjoy a perfect cup of beverage at home, the only thing you need is a good coffee maker. There are plenty of excellent models, as we pointed out, but it’s not always simple to choose the best coffee maker under 50 in 2023. But when you are well informed and know precisely what you need, finding the one that perfectly suits your needs becomes easier. In the end, do keep in mind that aside from, good machine, you also need good coffee to get the best results.

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