How to Clean Ninja Coffee Bar?

We can all agree that there is nothing better than starting your day with full-flavored coffee. But when your favorite ninja coffee bar is full of calcium residue, the taste is not so good. When you experience bad-tasting coffee, you instinctively just want to throw your bar into the garbage. But don’t do it, as you can just learn how to clean ninja coffee bar!

And today, we’ll share with you the most useful, helpful, and overall best ways how to clean ninja coffee maker!

What Is Ninja Coffee Bar?

Ninja coffee bar isn’t just a coffee machine –  it’s a whole system. Pretty versatile, too, as with a ninja bar, you can make all kinds of coffee – from espresso size and intensity to whole carafe size. You can use different types of coffee beans and can even make milk foam.  Ninja bar is popular because even though it has various functions, it’s easy to use. And also pretty easy to clean, of you know how to clean ninja coffee bar properly.

How Do I Know if It Is Time to Clean My Coffee Maker?

When the ninja coffee bar clean light is on its indicating that it’s about time to take care of your ninja bar. Remember – if you want a durable coffee bar, your machine requires regular cleaning. 

Anyways, you don’t have to wait for clean light; if you notice white marks on your carafe, it’s time to start the ninja coffee bar cleaning process!

Ninja Coffee Bar Cleaning Instructions  

Before we start with detailed step-by-step instructions about ninja coffee maker cleaning, we want to remind you that only glass parts of the Ninja coffee bar are dishwasher safe, so be cautious!

Now, let’s see how to clean ninja coffee maker with vinegar! We choose white vinegar as a ninja coffee bar cleaner because it’s natural. Additionally, vinegar is effective for deep cleaning stubborn stains and limescale.

Before we start with ninja coffee bar cleaning instructions, you first need to make sure that you have two cups of white vinegar at home and distilled water.

  1. Cleaning preparation: Make sure that the filter is empty and clean.
  2. Wipe the coffee bar because you don’t want any dirt inside the machine.
  3. Put two cups of vinegar into the reservoir and fill the rest with distilled water.
  4. Press the clean button and wait for a couple of minutes for the machine to end the cleaning process.
  5. Make a 30 minutes break and repeat the process. For coffee bars with scale deposits, you should have to do the third round.
  6. Dry all the glass parts after cleaning.

All and all, vinegar is a pretty good ninja coffee bar cleaning solution ninja coffee bar descaling solution for in-depth cleaning. With all the breaks, it should take about 90 minutes to make your machine good as new! And what’s great about this ingredient is that you can also use vinegar to clean Keurig!

How to Perform Ninja Coffee Bar Regular Cleaning?   

When you properly understood how to clean ninja coffee machine you may think that’s all. However, don’t forget about regular, frequent cleaning! It’s much easier, but it’s also good to know it step-by-step.  

Comparing to in-depth cleaning, regular cleaning is much simpler and faster. But remember: you should clean ninja coffee maker as often as possible – it will ensure that your machine stays functional and coffee delicious! 

And here is how you can do some regular ninja coffee bar cleaning:

  1. Preparation time: As we already mentioned, if you notice any grime or scale, your coffee machine is ready for regular cleaning. Don’t wait too long after noticing the first signs of dirt, or you will have to do in-depth cleaning, a process that takes more time. Be sure that you have a good ninja coffee bar descaling solution and distill water in the home. It’s also good to have a clock nearby, so you can precisely measure the cleaning time.
  2. Clean the filter: Be sure that your filter is already empty and clean before you move to the actual cleaning.
  3. Clean action: Before pressing the clean button, put the descaling solution and distillate water into the reservoir. An adequate amount of descaling solution should be written in the instruction guide. Every brand has specific guidelines, so we recommend you follow them. Then just press the button and wait for the machine to end the cleaning process.
  4. Drying process: Maybe it sounds crazy, but drying your machine is just as important as cleaning. Even the best coffee machines do include automatic drying. Thus, make sure that you dry all the parts before another use. Also, keep in mind that condensation in many cases can cause scale in coffee machines, and you should do anything to avoid it.

Do’s and Don’ts When Cleaning a Ninja Coffee Bar  

We want to be sure that you avoid all the possible mistakes that happen when you are learning how to clean a ninja coffee maker 

Do’s Don’ts
  • Use only the best coffee beans for the best quality taste. Only the best quality coffee beans can make sure that the limescale doesn’t form so quickly.
  • Use best quality water. If you are not sure about water quality in your home test it. If you have hard water, you will need to get water filters.
  • Clean your ninja coffee bar regularly.
  • Use distilled water for the cleaning process.
  • Follow cleaning instructions carefully.


And that’s all the Ninja coffee bar cleaning instructions we wanted to share! Remember, proper cleaning is essential to ensure that your machine stays functional and that you can enjoy some rich and delicious coffee. And now you have a clear idea of how to clean the ninja coffee bar effectively; this process should be a lot easier for you!

So, is this your first time cleaning ninja coffee bars? Or have you tried it before and know some other great ninja coffee maker cleaning methods? Then feel free to share your ideas in the comments below!

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