What Is Green Coffee and How Long Do Green Coffee Beans Last?

What is green coffee, and what are its various benefits? How can you store it? You can find out the answers to all these questions in this article.

A wise man has rightly said: “Coffee is the beverage of the Gods.” But its richness does tend to deteriorate with age, and it becomes bitter, acidic, and unpleasant. So how long do green coffee beans last? Let us find out. 

What Is Green Coffee, Exactly?

Most people associate coffee with a dark brown color and a distinct roasted aroma. It is green in color before roasting, that’s its most natural state. Storing green coffee beans is much simpler, and it tends to last longer than roasted joe.

These are the raw seeds of the java fruits that are ready for roasting and grinding. Depending on its growth area, the taste varies, much like regular roasted java. In recent years, amidst a slew of scientific researches into the benefits of this coffee type, there has come about a renewed interest in green coffee

Where Do Green Coffee Beans Originate?

Wherever regular joe comes from, green coffee comes from also. If you are looking for milder options, Central American produce is the best; Kenyan and Ethiopian coffee beans for acidic and citrus taste are ideal for bright flavors and fruity javas. Indonesian and Brazilian dark roast joes are less acidic and have more body. As such, this type of joe is grown worldwide, and different places bring about another side. 

Different Ways To Use Green Coffee Beans

Green joe can be used for a variety of purposes. Due to green coffee beans’ high shelf life when stored properly, one could roast it to bring out the java’s full flavor and aroma. Compared to buying pre-roasted joe, one gets much more control over the taste and the kind of java that is ultimately brewed.  

One can drink this type of joe without roasting as well. It does have an acquired taste, which many joe lovers come to like in time though it is the health benefits for which it is mainly consumed. This joe type is considered helpful in weight management and reduces the risk of a host of chronic diseases.  

The Multiple Benefits Of Green Coffee Beans 

The most prominent benefit of this type of java is its longer shelf life. Most coffee grounds don’t have a shelf life of more than a couple of weeks before it begins to degrade. But how long does green coffee last?

It turns out it can outlast joe grounds by a whole month. But, if it are properly stored, it can remain in good condition indefinitely. The other major benefit of this brew is that you can control how much you want to roast and what kind of flavor you are going for.

Yes, the taste’s distinctness depends on the joe’s origin, but the body and the flavor come out only during the roasting process. This way, you can customize your blend and get involved in the process. Its health benefits are numerous. It is rich in antioxidants that get removed when it is roasted. It has chlorogenic acid that assists in weight loss, supports the immune system, stabilizes glucose levels, and reduces bad cholesterol. 

How Long Can Green Coffee Beans Last And What Affects its Quality?

So how long are green coffee beans good for exactly? Such java beans are well known to retain its integrity for long periods. It is much more so than what you’d expect of roasted beans. If it is stored under the right conditions, it can be expected to last for a year and sometimes even more without any change in quality. Let’s take a look at some factors that affect the quality of this brew.

Moisture & Humidity

Joe beans are porous by nature and are vulnerable to any changes in humidity. If it’s left in the open for a few days and humidity is high, it is invariably going to start disintegrating—good packaging and storing become essential to keep the shelf life of green coffee beans longer.  


Temperature affects the quality of these joe beans, too. Dry spells tend to affect its aroma and flavor. On the other hand, if the coffee gets wet, then it becomes unfit for roasting. Temperature is an important consideration to know precisely how long do green coffee beans last. The best way to store is to keep the beans in a cool and dry place. 


Producers dry its java beans under the sun after the harvest. At this time, the joe beans must go through this drying process as it lowers the amount of moisture in them from 50 to 11 percent. But, once that is done, these joe beans should be stored away from direct light. Any more light tends to dry out the beans further, thereby affecting the flavor. A dark, dry place is ideal for its storage. 

Length Of Time

And how long can you store green coffee beans? Well, the precise answer will depend on how well you’re able to store them. Storing for too long will hurt the quality of the beans. But the good news is that you can store them for up to a year without any noticeable deterioration in the aroma or flavor. 

Ideal Storage and Packing Options

Jute sacks may seem like the right option for packing and storing, considering how low cost and environmentally-friendly. But it also invites heat, humidity, and pests. Some packaging companies have containers with multiple layers of high-barrier plastic that keeps the inner environment stable. A good rule of thumb is to see if the storage container can protect the green joe from light, pests, moisture, and heat. 

Final Word

For brew aficionados, getting green joe is much more beneficial than regular pre-roasted java. One can control the flavors and the body of the brew and enjoy the health benefits associated with consuming it. Though these joe beans tend to outlast pre-roasted java, it can extend its shelf life by many months when it is correctly stored. As such, the answer to the question “how long do green coffee beans last” depends entirely on the steps you’ve taken to store them.  

We hope that this article has informed you well about the shelf-life and storage recommendations for the green brew. Have you bought these java beans? How do you store them? Do let us know in the comments below. We’d love to know how you do it. Till next time, stay stimulated.  

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