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Your Guide to the Coffee Maker Brands Made in the USA

These days it’s a tough job to find coffee makers made in the USA due to the abundance of brands from other countries. Although there are fewer American brands, you can still find a good one following our guide based on coffee makers made in the USA reviews and ratings. Hence, without any further delay, delve into the article to know more about American coffee makers!

Why should One Purchase Coffee Makers made in the USA?

A brand that is sold in greater quantities is not always the best. For instance, nowadays, the tag ‘made in China’ is indeed the most popular. Although we are not stating that all Chinese coffee maker brands are of poor quality, most of them do not last long.  Therefore, you should buy from the local American brands, which promise decent quality products without harming the economy. Also, there is no need to import products, which helps to save the overseas transportation cost. Hence, it’s a wise decision to invest in the espresso machine made in the USA.

Difference between ‘Made in the USA’ and ‘Manufactured in the USA’

Before moving further, we would like to enlighten you with the basic difference between ‘made in’ and ‘manufactured in’. These two terms might sound alike; however, they establish different meanings.

According to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), when a product gets the ‘made in’ tag, then all its parts, laborers and every minute process has taken place within the USA.

But when it is tagged as ‘manufactured in’, the parts are assembled within the country but not made in this same country. Therefore, the parts of a plumbed coffee maker manufactured in the USA are non-American. 

Espresso Machine Brands from the USA

The best rated coffee makers made in America are as follows:

Brand Type Made in
Bunn Drip Coffee Maker Creston, Iowa
Chemex Pour Over Chicopee, Massachusetts
Aeropress Coffee Press Palo Alto, California 
Able Pour Over Martinez, California
Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Loveland, California
Filtron Cold Brew Coffee Westminster, California

Made in the USA

Aeropress (Aerobie Aeropress)

The Aerobie Aeropress is the most preferred SCA certified American made coffee maker. All its parts are made in the USA, by local laborers. This appliance has gained immense popularity due to its versatile nature. If you’re looking for a speedy machine, then this one is the ideal choice for you. It can brew around 3 cups of espresso in just a minute. The steeping gives it a rich flavor of French press made in the USA. 

Filtron (Filtron Cold Brew)

Filtron proudly proclaims its label of coffee maker made in the USA in the front of the product packages on the market. Most of the parts are made on the local grounds, and very few are imported from abroad. If you are a cold brew fan, then this inexpensive appliance will serve you right.  

Toddy (Toddy Cold Brew)

First introduced in the year 1964, this brand has received ample positive coffee makers in the USA reviews. It is used to make both coffee as well as tea, and it is designed in a way to reduce acid in the cold brew.   

Takeya (Takeya Cold Brew System)

The Takeya espresso machine is a quick and durable plastic-free coffee maker. It has a silicone handle and an airtight lid. The appliance is capable of producing 4 cups of cold brew at once. Takeya can also adjust itself to hot brewing temperature.

Manufactured in the USA

Chemex (Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker)

You might have read articles that state Chemex machines are made in America. However, that is untrue because they are manufactured in America. Most of the parts are imported from foreign countries and are assembled in the USA.

Bunn (Bunn Speed Brew, Bunn GR, Bunn BX, and Bunn Trifecta)

The speed brew model is a cheap mid-sized model for people on a tight budget limit. The GR is a glass bodied espresso machine and is a perfect classy choice. On the other hand, the BR model is just a more elegant version of the GR; however, it costs a bit more. The Trifecta is also a preferred model by many. All of the Bunn models are manufactured or assembled in the USA.

Able (Able Kone Brewing)

This appliance is built using stainless steel filters and can brew up to 10 cups of coffee. The stainless steel filter can be reused and is a great alternative to the made in USA coffee maker with paper filters.

Things to Consider when Buying Coffee Makers Made in the USA

Brewing Capacity

This factor depends on how much espresso you want in your coffee pots made in the USA. If you want a single-serve just for yourself, then buy an appliance with 1-2 cups capacity. In case you want to brew for more people, purchase accordingly.

Used Materials

Avoid materials like aluminum or stainless steel as they are harmful to health. It is best to opt for materials like ceramic, copper, and silver.

Easy Usage and Maintenance

You must buy a machine that has easy control settings. Also, the accessories must be easy enough to be used by anybody. Cleaning is an important factor; therefore, try to buy an appliance with a self-cleaning feature.


The reliability of a product ensures its durability. If a product has thick metals and plastics, then it comparatively lasts longer. The build of the machine should also be strong enough to last long.

Why Are There So Few Espresso Machines Made in the USA?

Because the manufacturing process is costly in America. The country factories need to adhere to safety regulations, environmental rules, and many more terms, which increase the cost hugely. And people prefer buying cheaper products, hence, the demand is less and so is the supply.

Verdict and Recommendations 2023

We hope this article helped you know a lot about the best coffee makers made in the USA in 2023. So, which best coffee maker made in the USA are you planning to buy? Let us know!

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