Heavy Whipping Cream and Coffee: All You Need to Know About It

Coffee lovers are spread all over the world and if you are one, be glad because today you will learn a special technique of making your espresso tastier than before. Are you asking how? Well, simply by adding heavy whipping cream in coffee. This is a simple and delicious method, that will make your mundane coffee taste and even look so much better. 

And in this guide, we’ll discuss all about heavy cream coffee so that you can make the best cup of espresso for yourself. So, without further ado, let’s take a look!

What is Heavy Whipping Cream and Why Use It in Coffee?

Before you know more about heavy cream in the coffee, you must first understand the proper meaning of heavy whipping cream. Heavy cream in coffee is the upper layer of milk that rises due to the fatty content. It has a thick texture and contains around 40% of fat.

This ingredient is used in various sweet dishes to enhance the overall flavor. But do you want to know why use heavy whipping cream in coffee? Well, there are several reasons why you might like to add this ingredient to their espresso:

  • It enhances the flavor of the drink by canceling the bitterness
  • It improves the texture of the espresso and gives it a smoother feeling
  • Some people like a bit of sweetness in their espresso. Hence, they prefer adding the ingredient to their drink

Coming to the ultimate question- can you use heavy whipping cream in coffee? We are glad to say, yes you can! Among the good and bad fats, thankfully, this ingredient has the good ones. So you don’t have to worry about using heavy whipping cream for coffee.

Is Heavy Cream Better than Coffee Creamer?

You might be thinking which one is better between heavy whipping cream and regular coffee creamer. Well, we think that using heavy whipping cream as coffee creamer is better. It contains various minerals and vitamins like calcium, phosphorous, Vitamins A, E, K, and D. It also has a vital nutrient – Choline, that helps in maintaining the metabolism and DNA synthesis of the body. Also, it has no added sugar, unlike the creamers that are packed with artificial sweeteners, harmful to you. People who are into the keto diet should consider it because of its high-fat content.

What Exactly Heavy Whipping Cream Does to Your Coffee?


The first thing that heavy topping does to your espresso is adding calories. Typically, one ounce of the ingredient adds around 100 calories. This might be a bit less or more, depending on the quantity you add to your drink. One tablespoon of the ingredient contains 5.4 grams of fat in total. So while heavy cream in coffee for weight loss is not ideal, it still provides essential fats that your body requires. But, if you’re watching over your caloric intake, make sure to not go too heavy on the heavy cream in coffee.


A cup of coffee with heavy cream has a very smooth and thick texture. The texture feels great on the taste buds and gives a relaxing sensation that can take away all stress within a few sips. And the great thing is that you can increase or decrease the thickness by controlling the quantity of the added ingredients.


Of course, the most important thing about a drink is how tasty it is. After all, there’s a reason why so many people can’t choose between Frappe vs Latte since both of them offer an amazing taste. And when talking about heavy whipping cream in the coffee, then there are no debates about the taste here. The cream brings a great difference to the taste of the drink, reduces the bitterness, and brings out the natural flavor of the caffeine. Also, the topping gives the drink an additional sweet flavor and it tastes way too delicious.


Except for changing the texture and taste, the ingredient also alters the look of the drink. Regular espresso has a dark brown shade but when the white-colored topping is added to it, the dark brown shade turns a bit lighter.

Using Heavy Cream in Coffee: Pros and Cons


A few awesome pros why people use heavy whipping cream for coffee are:

  • It adds a sweet flavor to the espresso and helps to reduce the bitterness.
  • It also adds a lot of nutrients and vitamins to the drink.
  • It makes the espresso a great fatty drink for keto dieters.
  • It also smoothens the texture of the drink and makes it tastier.


However, coffee with heavy cream also has its cons, like:

  • Might pose threats to the heart due to the high-fat content.
  • People who are lactose intolerant may find difficulty in digesting it. However, as it is low in lactose, you can try it once to find out how it suits you.

How Much Heavy Cream Should I Use in My Coffee?

Now you must be thinking about how much of the ingredient can you put in your espresso? Well, we would recommend you start with one tablespoon for one cup. If you like your coffee more thick and sweet, then you can go for 1 ½ ounce for a 15 oz drink. You can increase or decrease the quantity depending on your preference.

How Much Heavy Whipping Cream Can I Have on Keto?

Now, if you’re wondering how much whipping cream can I have on keto, then keep in mind that it contains around 30% to 36% fat. So you can easily add around two tablespoons of the ingredient to your coffee. We would not recommend you to add more than this because you should avoid getting more than 30% calories from fat.

Best Ways to Put Heavy Whipping Cream in Coffee

Espresso with Whipping Cream

If you love drinking black coffee, then you can add whipping cream to it and make it more delicious. Brew your espresso, add the ingredient to it, add a pinch of sugar if needed and taste the heavenly drink with pleasure.

Frappe Coffee

Frappe is a highly beloved drink all over the world. You can easily make it by brewing a shot of espresso, adding milk, creamy topping, sugar, and ice to it. But you can also add the ingredient to your latte.


And that’s about it! We sincerely hope that now you know more about heavy whipping cream in coffee and the amazing benefits it brings. You can use this ingredient to taste the most delicious form of espresso. Just make sure not to go too heavy on it, no matter how delicious heavy cream coffee is!

So make sure to try it in the future, and feel free to share with us your thoughts about it!

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